Purchase A Property That Helps You Financially

Property is an asset that not just makes you happy but gets you income too. If you don’t want to buy a property for living purpose but only to make an income then you must think about pre-rented property.

You can come across options like Pre rented property for sale in New Delhi and pick one that suits your pocket. The beauty of these properties is that you get a standard amount every month and of course, what can be better than having a thing that mints you money every thirty days. Moreover, since you look for pre-rented property, you would not have to look for tenants. Of course, these tenants would already be occupying the property at the time of buying. In simple words, pre-rented property is one that is already occupied at the time of buying. Once you buy pre-rented property, you get a property with tenants in it. The tenants simply start giving the rent to you once you own it. So, don’t you think it is such a great deal for anyone?

The setup of pre-leased property is apparently catching investor’s interest because the concept is a productive deal. You should understand a few things about pre-leased property to find out why actually people wish to jump on such a bandwagon.

  • It provides you with a wonderful income on lease deposit in the way of interest and obviously, the monthly rental income. An adding factor is that the appreciation value can sometimes extend to approximately fifteen to twenty percent per year.
  • As the name says, these properties are pre-leased and as it is the scenario, you are buying a feasible property that has already made its worth.
  • Most of the lease contracts possess three year lock in period so you would not have to panic about getting embittered on that front.
  • The yield return is six to eight percent at times even going as high as tent to twelve percent. It is a stimulating prospect to get top harvest from your investment.
  • If your property gets leased to government institutions, your next generation and you can feel relaxed as the enclose period is usually ninety nine years. Do you think you can get a better deal than this?

You can find different aspects in different kinds of pre-leased properties. It would be great to understand the setup in the best possible manner. You can ensure that you get the finest outcomes only if you are taking the right moves.  Make sure that you do the comparison among different properties and talk to professionals before you get into any venture. It is always wise to take a suggestion. After all, final decision always rests with you only.


So, it is time that you must look out for pre rented property in New Delhi and own something that gets you a good amount of income every month. Once you have picked a right choice, you would definitely be proud of the decision you took.

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