Tomato Planter Cage

Reasons to Invest In a Tomato Planter Cage

When you buy planter boxes to grow tomatoes in a limited space within your premise, you will have to make sure that you buy these boxes of right depth, size and width as these requirements will vary according to the type of tomato plants you want to grow. It will also depend on whether you are using seeds or seedlings.


All these considerations made will ensure that you get fresh and delicious fruits if all other conditions are favorable.

Invest in a Tomato Planter Cage

However, when you invest in planter boxes you will also need to consider investing in a tomato planter cage because there are several benefits of it. Here are a few for your information:

  • Vine support: The tomato planter cage which is usually made from a metal mesh will surround the plant. It will provide the tomato plant with proper support as it grows and also keep it positioned properly in its area within the growing medium. Tomato vines typically become very heavy in due course of time due to the extending foliage and the growing fruits. It is for this reason you will need to buy planter boxes of the right depth and plant the tomato plant to its right depth to prevent any likely issues of the plant tipping over due to its heavy top weight. The supportive cage will prevent such chances even further and help the tomato plant to stay and grow in the same planter box for its entire life span.
  • Support tomatoes: Although it is known that staking will promote bigger tomatoes, a tomato planter cage will typically aid in the growing of more fruit. If you are growing bushy determinate tomato called Lycopersiconesculentum variety, it may reach up to 5 feet in height till it stops growing further. The vitality of this special type of tomato plant usually declines after it bears most of the fruit within the first six-week period. When you have indeterminate tomato vines, on the other hand, you will get fruits throughout the summer and even till the fall. These plants need support and therefore cages are beneficial to most home gardeners allowing them to grow their plants in the most natural fashion.
  • Health benefits: You will need to tie the taller varieties to stakes or trellises but for the smaller ones a cage is good enough to provide a lot of health benefits for the plant as well. The fruits will be held off the ground by the cage and therefore these will be less susceptible to insect damage or rot. You will need less handling of a caged plant and therefore eliminate the chances of spreading diseases as well in the plants. These cages eliminate the chances of sunscald as well to the lush and protective foliage. There are no physiological disorders and if a pant harbors any past, it is easier to locate and treat.

Just make sure that you place the cage carefully after removing the bottom two tiers of leaves around the tomato seedling to provide more space for the future fruit.


Author Bio: Pravesh Maurya is a health expert who has been running many health seminars and public discussions. he also manages his blog and, and tech viraldigimedia.comand reviews the health-related details provided by authentic

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