Finding the Best Restaurants in Pattaya

Known for its expat population and dynamic culture, Pattaya offers no shortage of fantastic dining options, covering every cuisine you can imagine. Whether it be New York-style eateries to 5-star restaurants, there is something for everyone when dining in Pattaya.

Finding Pattaya restaurants that suit your taste buds is incredibly easy, given the wide range available. However, here are our top five restaurants you should check out when in Pattaya.

Caprice Restaurant and Bar

Situated high above the Gulf of Thailand in the glorious Royal Cliff Beach Resort, Caprice Restaurant and Bar is an award-winning establishment that has set the bar high for local bars. With 5-star dining options for visitors to pick from, you can expect to dine in luxury, tasting some of the best cuisines around. There’s also the option to sit out on the terrace, which overlooks a swimming pool and the glorious ocean.

Mantra Bar and Restaurant

If you’re a fussy eater, you can expect to find something you love when dining at the Mantra Bar and Restaurant. With an extensive menu that covers a wide range of cuisines such as Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Thai, and Italian, there is bound to be something that tickles your fancy. Each cuisine type has its own specialist team who will prepare your food, giving you authentic and delicious dishes to try out.

Indian By Nature

Regarded as a classic and quirky family-run restaurant, Indian by Nature provides traditional and innovative dishes with a modern flair touch. Their menu includes all the staples you’d expect to see, as well as several vegetarian options, making the restaurant accessible to every type of diner. If you like food with a creative twist, look no further!

Yes Vegan Pattaya

As the first vegan restaurant to open in the city, Yes Vegan Pattaya is a brand-new establishment that cooks up some incredible Asian-fusion dishes that are all completely plant-based. When looking at the menu, you will find a range of mock meat staples such as Hainanese vegan chicken rice and fried vegan duck. There are also several light snacks available like deep fried sunflower sprouts. Prices are very reasonable, giving you more reasons than ever to check out this restaurant. There is even a highly-rated hostel that is housed above the restaurant, giving you somewhere to stay after a delicious meal.

Bronx Pizza

If a taste of New York City is what you’re after, you can find it in Pattaya thanks to Bronx Pizza. With the restaurant serving authentic New York thin crust pizzas, all the foods are made from high-quality ingredients (many of which are freshly sourced), meaning you can tuck into some delicious, fresh and homecooked dishes. What’s more, the restaurant is open Monday – Sunday, so there are no excuses to pop in and try out some of the best pizzas that Pattaya has to offer.

No matter your budget, you can expect to find a restaurant that accommodates all your needs. Some restaurants get busier than others, so it’s always best to ring up and make a reservation to avoid disappointment.

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