Getting Some Culture and Inspiration in Chiang Mai, Thailand

When you feel like your tank is empty and you’re in desperate need of some inspiration, a trip to Chiang Mai in Thailand is ideal. There’s plenty of artwork, handicrafts, rich culture, and incredible sights to see and experience.

Here are a few things to do and see on a visit to Chiang Mai.

Art Galleries to Inspire You

One of the most expansive galleries in Chiang Mai is the Gongdee Gallery. It came into existence in 1989 and has been a strong supporter of up and coming artists ever since. The gallery includes wooden art and often has pieces in both an Asian and Western style. It has both outdoor and indoor seating areas in a modern building. Along with the artwork, the Gongdee also features crafts and items to spruce up your décor too.

The Matoom Art Space features artwork painted onto bamboo paper using watercolors, acrylic, and oil paint. The gallery focuses on the work of well-respected artist,ChumpolTaksapornchai. His work is quite eclectic and distinctive.

Feel the Wind in Your Hair

When choosing to rent a motorbike to feel the wind in your hair, the Chiang Mai motorbike rental price comes into question. While bike rental isn’t overly expensive in Chiang Mai, it’s important to get a good quality bike that won’t break down on you. Therefore, the price is but one consideration.

During your visit to the north of the county, being able to move around freely makes your stay more pleasant. You’ll be unrestricted in where you can go and at what time. You’re no longer struggling to agree on a reasonable rate with tuk-tuk drivers or care-free motorbike taxi drivers that make you wish you hand your hands on the handlebars instead. Take back control on your visit to Chiang Mai by renting your own bike for the duration.

Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son Loop Ride

Getting out of Chiang Mai to see further north is an excellent idea on a clear day. The looping trip that starts in Chiang Mai can see you travel by motorbike through Mae Hong Son up to the edge of the northern part of Thailand along the Burmese border. Don’t be surprised if you get stopped more than once with requests to check your passport. The scenery is spectacular and riders rave about the experience.

This memorable motorbike ride will take in peaks and valleys along the way, both the Fang and Ping
Rivers, and an early ascent up to Doi Inthanon;at 8,415 feet, it’s the tallest peak in the country. The Mae Hong Son loop is popular with route maps available before you head out. It’s just under 700-kilometers if you make a round trip.

Visiting Chiang Mai, often thought of as the cultural center of Thailand, provides a fresh perspective on life when returning home. It’s becoming a hot spot for creative endeavor as artists flock to the city. When seeking enlightenment or just a break from the norm, consider taking a trip there too.

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