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How Does Digital Parental Control Work to Secure Kids

Why do I need a parental control app?

Now is the time parents need to use parental control apps more than ever. Why? Well, we have plenty of reasons to defend parental control apps, but we figured parents are already convinced with the benefits incurred from parental control apps. For the ones who have not yet explored the best parental control Software in the market, we will surely be able to give you food for thought!

Whenever parents get hold of their cell phones they get side-tracked from routine work, can you blame kids for getting distracted? No, right! Believe it or not, smartphones offer too many distracting applications which target not only the adult population but also innocent kids.

There are several ways to deal with adults, considering their age and experience. But kids, on the other hand, are immature and need guidance for distinguishing between the right and wrong content.

Social media and gaming platforms throw enticing offers leaving kids in a fix to click or not; this is the confusion that parental control apps are solving. Even before children are exposed to such contents, filter the content and then see how your kids deal with it!

What is a parental control app?

Out of the millions of apps in the play store, parental control apps are the ones we need to be grateful for.

Parental control apps are phone monitoring apps which come with a dual role of monitoring and restricting any unsuitable observation on a smartphone. Most parental control companies offer core functionalities – screen time controller, app blocker, app install blocker, GPS enabled location finder, geofencing, call monitoring & blocking and some provide the capability to fight phone burglars.

Parental control apps have been a massive success in the market. These apps are making quite the buzz for dealing with smartphone addiction. Parents are dropping in positive feedbacks and asking for more features to cut down smartphone usage.

Digital Parental controls to secure teens

Digital parenting requires a clever mix of parental controls along with active physical parenting. So here are some tricks and tips we want parents to brush through before installing the apps:

  1. Set a routine

Thanks to demanding full-time jobs, most parents are unable to keep track of their kids’ technology habits. And when the family reunites on the dinner table, kids seem to be engrossed in their social media chats or gaming turfs.

Parents need to make sure kids have a routine, inclusive of cell phone time but strictly limit the hours to suitable screen time. Routine also means investing time in physical activities, hobbies, sports and reading. Parents need to get their kids into such habits by using parental control’s screen time controller.

Schedule the time for each activity and set a reasonable time for cell phones as well. We request parents to set house rules right from their kid’s infancy to make sure they do not get away easily during their adolescence.

  1. Detach to attach

Texting, calling and chatting is every teen’s favourite activity. And it hardly matters what time of the day it is or what activity they should be doing. Dinner time or bedtime, it’s all the same for teens!

Virtual socialising takes a toll on kids. Apart from the tendency to fall into depression or anxiety, kids lose connection with the real-world and get attached to a parallel unrealistic virtual world.

Parental control apps can set timings on a social networking app for your kid’s benefit. Or you can merely set time schedule for your kids daily socialising time, be it chatting or calling.

As far as the fear of calling strangers or unknown numbers is concerned, parental control apps offer monitoring and blocking technique which blocks unknown numbers. Now parents get to chose who their kids can contact through the phone!

  1. No phone zones

Not one but many parents complain about kids using their gadgets on the dinner table, family holidays, religious functions, family get-togethers, study time, play time, etc.

No doubt it is a parent’s duty to make sure phones are off limit during any critical event. But to enforce the ground rule, make use of screen time controller in parental control apps.

Next time when you are on a Holiday with your kids, ascertain your kid’s cell phones are tucked away, if not restrict their device access through parental control apps.

  1. Educate the youth

Our observation says, more and more parents are worried about their kids growing addiction to mobile phones while we expect more parents to be educating their kids on the overuse of smartphones.

Leverage the time of the week when your kids are most receptive to educate them on the side effects of the mobile phone. Never address the phone as a useless device, but focus on the issues produced by the excessive use of the device.

Share any vital news article which talks about cyberbullying, cyber-attacks, health issues, misleading social media contents and observe their reaction. Based on your kid’s response, we are sure you can gauge how much effort you need to put into refining your kids.

  1. Practice what you preach!

Most adults indulge in the smartphone and mobile devices that they unintentionally start ignoring their kids. And that is precisely when kids start looking for other options to enjoy- smartphones top the list!

Kids tend to follow their parents. Set a good example for your kids if you want kid’s to follow your track.

Remember your kids do not look up to Superman or Batman, they look up to “YOU”, so be the right role model for your kids. Agreed?

Are parental control apps effective?

We should not be the one answering this question. After witnessing the benefits of parental control apps, we are very confident parents can provide enough proof that parental control apps are useful and come in handy.

Smartphones have spread like a disease in today’s generation. Calculating the damage, it has caused in kids, child experts across the globe are promoting parental control apps to safeguard the remaining childhood of kids.

What is the best parental control app in the market?

The market is oozing with parental control apps; however, coming across the right set of features is essential. We know of many apps in the market which provide advanced features but unnecessarily complicate the app.

After a lot of research and evaluation, we settled with Bit Guardian Parental control app. The app offers all the core requirements of parental control app at a decent price, and to make things easier, the user interface is very intuitive and easy to use. The app offers a 7-day trial period to understand the premium plan correctly.

All the aforementioned parental control measures can be implemented with this app.

So, try the Bit Guardian Parental control app and share your experience with us!

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