How a Mattress Affects the Quality of Your Sleep and Health

You cannot hike the mountains if you do not have the right hiking equipment. The same rule holds when it comes to sleep. You cannot sleep soundly at night if you do not invest in quality mattresses and bedding materials. You may say that you do not have the budget to buy a new mattress, but if you shell out money for necessities such as quality bedding materials, you can shed excess flab, stay pain-free, sleep tight, live long, and improve memory. These are some of the few benefits to mention.

According to an article published on, a wrong type of mattress that has been used for many years can lead to lower back pain and a crick in the neck. Read on how a mattress can affect your sleep and overall health.

A new mattress beats stress

A small study was conducted in the year 2009. In this observation, 59 healthy males and females were asked to sleep for 28 nights on standard mattresses. Then, another 28 people slept on medium-firm mattresses. Once the study was complete, these people were asked to assess their level of stress on parameters like racing thoughts, worrying, irritation, anxiety, nervousness, headaches, and trembling.

People who slept on new and medium-firm mattresses had reduced stress levels. That is because of the improvement of sleep quality and less pain with semi-firm mattresses. Therefore, to enjoy quality sleep and improved health, avoid sleeping on your old mattress.

Old mattress cause allergies

If you are sleeping on old bedding materials, you are resting with dust mites that feed on dead skin cells and excrete. Based on the findings of WebMD, 20 million US citizens have allergic reactions to bugs and these critters are a cause of concern for people plagued with asthma, says CNN. To stay away from allergies, sleep on a new mattress.

Even if you use an old one, wash it regularly with hot water to get rid of dust mites. You can also use an allergy-proof cover for the mattress to prevent the allergens from traveling from your old mattress to your pillows and sheets. Based on the findings of Better Sleep Council, you should clean your bug-infested mattress with a vacuum cleaner. Taking these little yet important steps will help you sleep tight, stay allergy-free, and improve your overall health.

Tossing and turning and staying awake in bed is unhealthy

If you have a mattress with a hole with all the stuffing sticking out or a spring pricking your back is reason enough to ditch your old mattress. In such a scenario, it will hurt your spine and back, makingyou stay awake all night. You are sleep deprived because you keep tossing and turning feeling uncomfortable on your bed.

The next morning you wake up with a stiff neck, back, and shoulders. If these symptoms are bothering you daily, head to your nearest bedding store to buy the right mattress.


Opt for the right mattress for sound sleep and quality sex, according to experts in the industry. Stay happy. Stay healthy.

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