Top Boys Haircuts of 2019 that Require Little Maintenance

When it comes to boys haircuts, there are a lot more options than there used to be in the past. The days of the bowl cut are over. Today’s fashionable haircuts for boys are numerous to say the least.

It can become frustrating try to find the best cut for your son with so many cuts to choose from. Browse through the various cuts until you find one that looks best of your boy. You can find tons of boys haircuts on

Add a Little Spice to your Boy’s Cut

The faux hawk with an intricate surgical design is one of the top cuts that people prefer. This funky cut allows for longer hair on top and a small fade on the sides. This cut requires styling with product in order to maintain it, but the look is worth the extra effort. This is a unique cut that looks good on boys of all ages.

Easy to Maintain Cuts for Boys

One of the easiest cuts to maintain for young boys is the Caesar cut. This cut is short in the back and on top, but the top is a bit longer. The Caesar cut has sides that are faded. This is a cut that is easy for boys to maintain on their own. They will need routine barber visits to keep the fade clean, but boys can style this haircut on their own. That is the number one reason that parents love this cut. Kids love it because it makes them look and feel good.

Comb Over Style with a Disconnected Undercut

The undercut is a popular style that is very popular among boys of all ages. This cut looks great with a comb over style. A disconnected undercut provides a swept back look that does not need a lot of product to stay in place. This cut looks sharp on all face types. Young boys can easily learn to style this cut on their own. There are lots of boys haircuts that kids can style on their own.

Mid Fade Slicked Back

A slick back mid fade haircut is a good look for older boys. The fade requires upkeep and the slicked back look requires some product and stylish time. This vintage look is sharp, classy, and fashion forward. Medium length hair is needed for this haircut.

Simple Cuts for Younger Boys

Boys haircuts like the short forward swept haircut are relatively inexpensive. The forward short swept cut brings out the facial features of boys. With this cut, there is no part in the hairline. The hair is brushed forward and is barely longer in the front compared to the back. This look is good for young boys who do not want to spend a lot of time on their hair. The swept forward look is good for all hair types.

Overall, the cuts for boys that are available are endless. Finding the right cut depends on what length of hair your boy has and what style looks best with their face.

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