Love Working With Your Hands? 5 Career Ideas to Consider

In the world of the nine to five, desk jobs seem to be the norm. However, that doesn’t mean they have to be your norm. If you’d rather pick up some tools than send an email, there are plenty of career paths for you. The ability to work with your hands is a valuable skill. So, with the right training, you can enjoy a promising job marketplace.

Whether you are just starting your career or looking for a change, the following are some popular vocations for anyone who loves to work with their hands. These paths can be both lucrative and fulfilling, and you can expect each day to be perfectly dynamic.

  1. Hair Stylist

If you love being on your feet, interacting with people, and spending each day creatively, a career as a hair stylist may be for you. These professionals are trained as stylists or barbers, cutting and dying hair. You may also expand your specialties to include other cosmetic services like waxing and beard grooming. Generally, hair stylists will require a license from a cosmetology or barber program, so you will need to enroll before working at a salon or barber shop.

  1. Electrical Engineer

The technologically inclined may be interested in a career as an electrical engineer. Depending on the level of job you want to secure, you may need an Associate’s, or Bachelor’s degree. Electrical engineering services encompass a variety of disciplines. Some engineers work on new construction builds, installing and inspecting the wiring. You may also work for a company building products or work on a maintenance team. A career as an electrical engineer generally presents upward mobility, so you may have the chance to explore a variety of opportunities. It’s also important to note that you can become an electrician by going to trade school.

  1. Roofer

Love spending time outside? A career as a roofer can be a satisfying path. You will have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects, interact with customers, and spend your time outdoors. Many roofers will start their own private company or work under a larger business. During your career, you will likely have the opportunity to work with various products, such as Everlast II™, as the industry changes. While there are no specific education requirements to be a roofer, you may want to start an apprenticeship program to learn the skills.

  1. Auto Mechanic

By entering a career as an auto mechanic, you can enjoy countless job opportunities and security. This vocation is always in demand, so you can stay gainfully employed by committing to this career. Those interested in the inner workings of cars can broaden their knowledge at a mechanical trade school, where you will receive the necessary training to work professionally as an auto mechanic.

  1. Chef

Craving a fast-paced environment? The kitchen may be the place for you. While you might want to start as a line cook to get used to the restaurant environment, you may eventually choose to follow your dreams and attend culinary school. These specialized programs can give you the training necessary to thrive creatively and technically as a chef. Whether you plan to open your own restaurant, become a private chef, or rise through the ranks in an existing kitchen, this career can be fulfilling.

Remember: You do not need to work an office job to build a rewarding career. Hands-on jobs keep your blood flowing, mind sharp, and days full. If you follow your passion of working with your hands, you will wake up ready to go to work each day. And as you build new goals, you might just set up a career path for life. If you want to sharpen your business skills, schedule a class with Training Connection.

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