Summer 2019

Must-Haves for Summer 2019

Summer 2019 is around the corner which means the extreme temperatures will follow suit shortly enough.

Are you ready for this summer?

While everyone has different summer plans and some people will be out in the sun more than others, here are some must-haves for summer 2019.

Protect your eyes

Not enough people wear sunglasses … because not everyone wears sunglasses.

Shades aren’t only for looking cool as ray-ban prescription sunglasses can also help to protect your eyes since they’re high-quality sunglasses, to say the least.

Let’s turn to GQ to better understand why sunglasses are so important:

“The first is the retina inside the eye,” says Park. “With age people can develop macular degeneration (which is the light-sensitive nerve tissue in the eye), and using sunglasses may protect these photoreceptors from UV damage.” This prevents vision loss. Score one for sunglasses.

“The second is the lens of the eye; everyone eventually will develop clouding of the lens which is what you know as a cataract,” says Park. “Protecting the eye from sunlight may slow the progression of cataracts.”

On top of that, you can get skin cancer on the eyelids, but sunglasses can help to protect you from the sun exposure.

Sunscreen is always a must

Sunscreen is an absolute must-have when it comes to protecting your skin from sun exposure which could lead to skin cancer. Anyone can get skin cancer, which means everyone needs sunscreen.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, “The sun emits harmful UV rays year-round. Even on cloudy days, up to 80 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays can penetrate your skin.”

“Snow, sand, and water increase the need for sunscreen because they reflect the sun’s rays.”

Needless to say, don’t leave your house without sunscreen this summer.

Keep the bugs away with insect repellent

For the most part, bug bites are an annoyance and nothing else, and insects like mosquitoes are known to take over the summer months.

People reach for insect repellent to counter this annoyance, but it’s important to note that insect repellent is not only beneficial when it comes to limiting those itchy bites, but it can also help prevent malaria and other diseases that are spread by mosquitoes.

Stay hydrated

Dehydration is a serious issue that can be easily avoided.

It’s so important to keep extra water with you if you’re going to be outside for long periods of time. Having a water bottle on you at all times could help to prevent dehydration as well, as long as you’re filling it and, of course, drinking from it.

People tend to be more active in the summer which is one of the reasons why many people become dehydrated during the warmer months; however, dehydration is a year-round issue.

A well-earned vacation

Mental health is, unfortunately, one of those things that tend to go under the radar. People are working longer and with that can come many different health problems.

According to Mayo Clinic, “”Burnout” isn’t a medical diagnosis. Some experts think that other conditions, such as depression, are behind burnout. Some research suggests that many people who experience symptoms of job burnout don’t believe their jobs are the main cause. Whatever the cause, job burnout can affect your physical and mental health…”

That is why downtime and, especially during the summer, a well-earned vacation are so valuable.

Whether your summer vacation consists of advanced surfing lessons while on a weeklong beach vacation or a road trip in which you disconnect from the world and take in the open road, some form of vacation is important.

Even taking a couple of days off from work, or not working on the weekends, can go a long way and help to keep your mind fresh and free from burnout.

While summer is a time for pleasure and fun, the must-haves mapped out above will help you enjoy your time in the sun during summer 2019, no matter how you plan on spending your time.

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