Abstract Figure Painting

What Is Abstract Figure Painting?

Abstract figure painting has its foundation in reality, yet the painting is something that looks abstract. The painter puts in his efforts of painting in an abstract manner.  The painter decides as to which areas of the painting should be abstracted and to what extent. In most cases of these type of painting, the viewers cannot easily identify, whereas in others with the description it is easy to tell.

These type of painting began way back in the 20th century when the painting was done in abstract forms based on natural appearances. Abstract painting was done to break it down into simplified forms that are easily understood by the viewers.

Unlike what many of us believe that abstract figure art is just paint put on the canvas and mushed around.  However, this type of painting in Australia requires a more tactful and carefully planned approach.  When it is carefully planned, it will give you sufficient thinking space to design your abstract art painting well.  It also enables you to plan out the materials that are required for the application of abstract figure painting.  With a carefully planned and considered approach, the painter is able to produce a masterpiece of painting that has meaning.

Look out for the underlying design or scaffold:

  • In abstract figure painting, one will find a formal foundation. This also includes an underlying and overall design.
  • Some paintings also contain a design that radiates from a central focal point. This is known as a radial design.
  • Whereas such type of paintings in Australia are planned diagonally, horizontally or vertically. The entire painting revolves around the grid of an axis.
  • The painting is in a triangular design form. This is one of the easiest paintings to work on as the sides vary from each other.
  • Bridge design is also one of the most popular chosen designs by painters. In this type, a small area of the painting is connected to the other part of the painting.
  • In addition to this, there are other designs of such type of painting in Sydney in the shapes of alphabets.

How to establish your design in abstract figure painting:

Different painters choose their own design for such type of painting in Australia.  What works for one painter don’t work for the others. Here are some of the tips on establishing your own design in such type of painting.

  • Begin with an idea or a specific design in mind. This will lay the foundation for the rest of the painting and enables you to direct your strokes.
  • Establish a solid compositional structure and center your painting around it.
  • Plan out your painting materials in advance as well as a technique of painting that you wish to use. This will add fun to your painting.
  • Most of all it is important to remember, not to rush with the abstract painting and to take it one step at a time. Though there is no hard and fast rule to abstract figure painting, yet when you take the time to paint, the end result is a creative masterpiece of painting.

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