Perfect Bra

How To Find The Perfect Bra When You Go Shopping

It’s not a rare event that you go shopping for a bra, and the person showing you bra tries convincing you that this size they are showing is the right size for you, but you clearly understand that it is not so. You roam around through a few shops to get the same problem repeatedly, ultimately to realize that most brands in your area are not making the bra size that you need. This is one of the problems many women face. Another problem which women face is also related to it. They get convinced by the seller that they are given the recommended right bra for their size, yet they never feel that comfortable with the bra on using, and never feel confident too with their look in nice dresses the way they want it to be.

So many women have been wearing wrong sized bras forever

Without knowing that the size they are wearing continuously for days and months and years is the wrong one, many women continue to wear a wrong sized bra for decades. This happens due to confusion, partial awareness, or total ignorance. In the process, what they go through is irreparable damage to their breast shape due to the wrong amount of stress and pressure on their breast tissues from the wrong sized bra. Therefore the idea of the right size, and also where to find that sized bra is important.

You must know your bra size

Whether you shop online or from a local shop, you must know the correct size of your bra. Do not let the shop keeper or the bra fitter in the shop tell you to want the size you need. Their job is to sell, and they will somehow try to sell whatever they have in stock to you, without really caring how you get along with it through the days. But your body and shape are important to you. Your comfort must not be compromised for the wrong size, whether it’s the bra cup size or the band size.

What to do when you go shopping for your bra?

Whether you go shopping for your bra to some local shop or online, you must know to do a little calculation on the size to finally pick the right size no matter what. Considering you have already calculated your right bra size with correct cup and band size, here are some practical tips for you to pick the right bra for you.

There can be more than one size that would fit you well. Although one size of the brand you are using would be the best fit for you, still a size above and size below can also be made to work well if you choose the cup and band size the proper way.

Developing a nice idea of sister bra sizes would always help you pick one well. In case your correct size for this brand you are using is 34C, and you are not finding a typically styled bra that comfortable in 34C, you may go a size up or down by adjusting the cup size. The simple rule of the thumb is to increase a cup size if you go down a band size and vice versa. Therefore both 32D and 36B would fit you in place of 34C if you have to adjust so. The sister cup sizes in both cases would be fitting that much of breast tissue which the exact size does, thereby avoiding any spill of tissue or gaping of cup fabric. A better, hassle-free way to find the sister sizes working for you is to draw diagonal lines in both up and down ways over your exact size on the list of bra sizes. The line will be going through the nearest sizes on the list which would give you a close fit.

When you switch between bra brands, in most likeliness, you won’t get the size you were wearing to be of the same size in another brand. This mainly happens when manufacturing brand countries are different. The bra size chart a US manufacturer would refer to for making bras would be different from the one the UK based maker follows. Again this list would vary in case of an Australian company, and in case of an Asian company too. Therefore country and brand-specific list of bra size or the size chart must act as your reference when you tally your exact bra size from the list. And for this, you must know your exact overbust and underbust measurements.

You must understand the fact that different cuts and styles bra fits your breasts and accents or supports them in different ways. Hence, one size which fits you great for the full coverage bra will not be the exact fit in case of a plunge bra. That’s why testing and trying sister sizes is a must when you switch between bra types even within the same brand.

Finally- The ideal bra fittings

  • The band of the bra must stay horizontal against your skin. The band has the major role of supporting you. Therefore the band should not be too loose that you can easily slide four fingers under them, and also should not be too tight so that it leaves red marks on your skin and brings on rashes. Too tight a band would get arched at the back. Too tight or too loose bands may accidentally open at the hooks too while you move and work.
  • The cup must fit the breasts just snugly, and neither too loose nor tight. Too tight cups would cause spilling of tissue around like at the top or sides. Too loose would cause the fabric to wrinkle at parts.
  • The straps of the bra must not dig on to your skin, and should not slide off the shoulders too. They must rest on shoulders with a comfortable snug fit.

You would know that a bra is fitting you the ideal way when you notice the above.

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