Avoid Getting Married to These Types of Women

A Man Should Avoid Getting Married to These Types of Women

There are a few things you should avoid in life – falling into a cactus, swimming with sharks and getting married to the wrong woman. Even though all women are special and unique in their way, men should avoid getting married to certain types of women.

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Here is a list of women you should avoid getting married to:

  1. Control Freak

This woman wants to control everything around her, including you. She will be trying to dictate your every move, constantly telling you what to do and when to do it. You will end up having no say about the house décor, dinner preferences or lifestyle you live. She wants things her way or no way.

  1. Overly Jealous

There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of jealousy. A little bit of jealousy can be flattering and it shows that she cares. But when a woman turns crazy with jealousy it can become a problem. She will suspect and accuse you of cheating on her, whenever you speak to any other women – even if it’s your sister or cousin. Overly jealous women can make life difficult.

  1. Mommy’s Girl

Loving your mom can be beautiful, but a woman who phones her mom a million times a day can become quite irritating. You want a woman who doesn’t have to run to her mother every time there’s a small hiccup in your relationship. Her mother will always be involved in fights and other life events.

  1. Too Much Baggage

We’ve all had our struggles in life and we all have baggage. A woman you should avoid getting married to be a woman who can’t let go of the past. She will constantly be comparing you to her previous lovers, or bring past issues into the present. You want to live life now, not in her past.

  1. Superficial

When a woman is only interested in your looks and the kind of car you drive, you should steer away quickly. Your bank account will be empty before you even said, “I do!”  Not only will she empty all your credit cards, but she will try to improve your looks. Not accepting you for you.

  1. Always on a Diet

There is no way you can enjoy any meal or festive season with a woman who only eats salad. She is constantly on a diet and worried about her weight, so much so that she can’t enjoy herself with you and friends. Being healthy is important, yes, but being obsessive about food and not enjoy delicious tastes can become problematic in the future.

Men, if you are looking for quality women who want to be your perfect partner, sign up to GoMarry.com. You will meet the right type of woman on our marriage only matchmaking site, someone who fits the profile and who will make you happy beyond measure.

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