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5 Steps For The Perfect LSAT Study Schedule

If you desire to become a lawyer, one exam you cannot bypass is the Law School Admission Test, otherwise known as the LSAT. Unlike any other exam you may have taken before, the LSAT is purely skill-based. This means that it tests on areas considered vital in law school. These areas include critical reading and analytical thinking. To pass, you must spend considerable time in preparation and have a deep understanding of the exam. Five important steps you need to consider when preparing a perfect LSAT study schedule include the following:

  1. Know how much time you need.

Before you set out to prepare your LSAT schedule, find out the amount of time needed for adequate preparation. In essence, this is not an easy question to answer. It all depends on a student’s capacity to prepare. For instance, while some students may need six months working on twenty hours every week, others may not need such an amount of time. If you are not sure, getting in touch with an LSAT tutor will come in handy.

  1. Set the exam date.

Since this exam takes place six times each year, it is easy to pick a date that resonates with your schedule. Setting a date will always works to your advantage. Knowing the number of months leading up to the exam helps you see the bigger picture. In addition, it also creates a sense of urgency to take note of various study opportunities at your disposal.

  1. Set your achievement goals.

Setting goals ranges from the number of hours you intend to study per day to the scope you wish to cover per week. When setting goals, it is important to have in mind the various sections and put in place measures on how you plan to go about handling them. These sections include: logical reasoning, reading comprehension, logic games, the LSAT experimental section, and the writing section.Since the admission criteria tends to rely on GPA, it is easy to point out where you need to put your focus. Having a clear outline of the set goals helps in monitoring your timelines to see whether you are on track. Ensure that you schedule time to sit for LSAT prep study material to see where you stand.

  1. Get study material.

Getting the right material goes a long way towards ensuring that you pass this exam. As such, knowing the right material is paramount. If this is your first time to sit for this exam, knowing where to search can be quite challenging. Which is where consulting an LSAT tutor comes in. The good thing about the LSAT tutors is that you stand to gain more knowledge in terms of what you need to study and how you need to study.

  1. Stick to the plan.

It is one thing to have the plan and another thing to stick to the plan. After doing all the planning, get down to work. This is the only way that you can know whether you are making any progress or not. As you navigate through the process, each step of the way your strengths and weaknesses will start to emerge. In effect, you will be in a better position to know where to adjust and what measure to introduce.


Even though preparing for the LSAT comes with its fair share of challenges, knowing where to focus will make all the difference. With determination and the right application of this strategy, what you thought was insurmountable will become achievable.

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