Classic Retro Toys

Classic Retro Toys

Growing up in the eighties meant you got to play with some very cool toys. Every generation probably thinks that their toys were the best but the eighties must have been doing something right as many toys originally released back then are enjoying a new lease of life now. Before the internet and a games console in every room, kids would play with toys and kids would play outside. Now these kids have grown up, have disposable incomes and want to get nostalgic about their beloved toys.

Cabbage Patch Kids

Personally, these always creeped me out a little but these were the dolls that defined the eighties. With their uniform pudgy faces and full sets of birth certificate and adoption paperwork, many children all over the world enjoyed collecting them. Such was their popularity that parents would fight over low stock in the lead up to Christmas.


Pit your wits against a timer to get all the correct shapes into their slots before the time runs out and the board throws all the pieces back at you! It was exciting, hilarious and just a teensy bit frustrating and frightening too!


Another game that was a bit scary and required a very steady hand. The aim of the game was to remove all the body parts without knocking the sides or a loud noise would go off and the patient’s nose would light up red. This game could be found in almost every home during the eighties such was its popularity.

Anything Outside

During the eighties when the weather was good, we would be sent out in the morning and called back for lunch and tea. Hours of endless imaginative play over fields, parks and playgrounds. Games included footie, tag, hide and seek, capture the flag or any other action-packed game we could dream up in an afternoon. Playgrounds were always a big hit, with hours spent dangling from climbing frames and seeing how high we could get on the swings.  You could create a giant space outside that is covered by Bespoke Oak Frames from companies including  Once you got this get the toys and lay them all out and let the children use their imagination run wild.

Care Bears and My Little Pony

Back in 1983, the world of care bears arrived and little girls all over the world had to collect them all. The cute range of bears, representing different emotions are set to return to stores again soon to bewitch another generation of little girls everywhere. My Little Pony was another huge trend of the eighties, featuring ponies with different colored manes, different backstories and a huge array of sparkly, glittery accessories. These two toys set an important trend in that kids will want to buy the same thing over and over, even if it’s just a different color!


The sign of an excellent toy is its ability to last and that’s true of transformer toys, that have never really gone away. Many believe that the original figures were the best though and so Hasbro has decided to bring back updated versions of the original eighties character toys.

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