The good thing about the tests that students can give these tests to take admission in abroad. Whether the student is of commerce, non medical, medical or arts, he/ she can appear for test that is required by their stream to take admission in abroad and even in the domestic universities. Students nowadays are getting more pragmatic for these tests. The scope of these tests might sound endearing but the efforts needed are next level.

One of the most well known and commonly approached test is CAT. CAT is an acronym used for Common Admission Test. The competition for this exam has increased a lot, more than any other test. This test is given by students who want to pursue Masters of Business Administration (MBA) within their country. This exam is held in the month of November every year.

 But what if someone wants to do MBA or take admission in a business school in abroad? Then CAT scores will not be valid. To take admission in the business schools of abroad GMAT is there. GMAT score is widely accepted by many big business schools and universities situated in abroad. GMAT is the acronym used for Graduate Management Admission Test. Earlier these tests were pursued mainly by commerce students. But now even the students of non medical are going for these exams. This has increased a competition to such an extent that even a 95 percentile student is not getting admission in the top most college. The highest percentile scorer has increased to 99.8 percentile.If it comes to GMAT vs. CAT then there are some notable differences between the two tests discussed. Some of the main differences are:

  • Purpose: Students pursuing CAT wants to take admission in business school that is within the country while students pursuing GMAT wants to take admission in the universities and business schools situated in abroad.
  • Validity of the score: GMAT score is valid for 5 years but CAT score is valid for less than 5 years.
  • Frequency: CAT exam is taken only once in a year but GMAT test is taken once in every 15 days but it has a restriction that no candidate can apply for this test more than 5 times in a year.
  • Topics: CAT has 3 sections but GMAT has 4 sections and the additional section in the GMAT exam is of analytical assessment writing.
  • Fees: The fee for GMAT is $250 while the fee for CAT is only $26.

However according to a survey, student find GMAT exam much easier than CAT. The preparation time required for GMAT is also said to be less than CAT. To get down to these tests, nothing is easy to do until one has that determination in himself/ herself to achieve something. Both these test are widely recognized even in the country and outside. Their scope is not limited to a particular university. These two tests are considered the best for business schools and are accepted by every good business university or school. So, compare GMAT vs CAT before applying anywhere.

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