How long does it take to replace lenses in glasses?

Reglazing glasses is one of the best services for people who want the same frames on their eyes but their lenses need a replacement. So what exactly does reglazing means? See you have a pair of glasses but due to some reasons, the lenses need to be changed. So in place of buying a new frame with a new pair of lenses, you can consider giving your old frames a new life by having new lenses on them.

Situations when reglaze glasses can be considered

  • Your lenses got scratched:

 You have a habit of putting your glasses upside down and this has brought scratches on your lenses. You wipe your lenses with a cloth that is not so soft, this has brought scratches on your lenses. Also, there are times when your lenses got scratched because of falling from the surface but the frames are intact. In all these situations you can opt for reglazing glasses.

  • Your power got increased: 

Due to some reasons, the power of your lenses got increased in that situation you need new lenses. But the frames are intact so why to choose a new pair of glasses when just new lenses can solve the purpose with your old frames.

  • You need photochromic lenses:

 You are a glasses person but have to frequently go out and need sunglasses too. So opt for transition lenses which can serve the purpose of sunglasses as well as prescription glasses. And this way you won’t need to maintain two separate pair of glasses too.

  • You want varifocals:

With the growing age, your eyes need varifocals. You thought of having one pair instead of reading glasses and distance glasses separately so get your glasses reglazed instead of buying a new whole pair.

  • You need sunglasses with prescription lenses:

You have weak eyes and wear contact lenses and sunglasses over them while going out. Time to cut the clutter, get your favourite sunglasses prescription lenses by reglazing them.

  • You need fully loaded Anti-Glare lenses:

 Have you ever thought your prescription glasses can be converted into night driving glasses?  Also can even protect you from the glares of the sun, your computer screens. Yes, they hold such prowess by having coatings of Anti-glare on them. And now you need one, so get your lenses reglazed and enjoy such benefits without buying a new whole frame.

  • You want X-Blue coatings on lenses:

The screens harm a lot to your naked eyes by emitting a lot of blue light and people who invest long hours in front of these screens need glasses with blue light filter. For that, no need to buy any specific pair as the blue light filter lenses can fit in any frame. Get your old glasses reglazed with a coating of blue-light filter on them.

How much time reglaze glasses procedure takes

You need to find a good eyewear store as all the stores are not going to do it for you. Getting your glasses reglazed it just take half or sometimes less than half of the money as compared to buying a new frame. So if you want to reglaze glasses go to Specscart or you can even get it done by ordering them online and even on the phone by calling at 01613125767.

Just follow these simple steps and get it done in the least possible time

  • Choose your new lenses followed by the prescription.
  • Place your order and post your frames.
  • You will get a notification when the frames will reach there.
  • In case of single vision and basic coatings on the lenses get them the next day.
  • Varifocals need a little more.

While waiting for reglazed lenses you can check out some fashion glasses as the new Autumn collection has some sauve glasses.

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