Motorcycle Helmet

Why a Motorcycle Helmet Can Save Your Life

Some of the most enjoyable hobbies, activities, and sports can be almost as dangerous as they are fun. Football players, soccer players, race car drivers, and motorcycle riders, as well as others, are all prone to injury and accident when participating in their activity of choice. For this reason, protective gear, such as helmets, elbow pads, and knee pads have been manufactured to keep individuals safe when they engage in activities that pose hazards. 

Motorcycles do not have the same coverage as cars and trucks. For this reason, riding a motorcycle exposes a motorcyclist to a different set of hazards compared to car and truck drivers. Stormy weather and extreme environmental conditions, potholes in the road and other road hazards, and distracted motor vehicle drivers can threaten harm to motorcyclists. Motorcyclists should invest in jackets, motorcycle boots, and motorcycle helmets in order to properly cover their bodies as they ride their motorcycles.

While taking any and all safety measures is important, motorcyclists should prioritize getting a helmet. Wearing a helmet is useful and can literally be the difference between life and death in the unfortunate event of a crash. A motorcyclist is more likely to be injured or killed in a motor accident if he or she is not wearing a helmet. It was reported that in the year 2018, in the United States, 54 percent of motorcyclists injured in a motor accident were not wearing a helmet. Data also shows that in that same year, 72 percent of motorcyclists killed in a motor accident were not wearing helmets.

A motorcycle helmet is crucial to safely enjoy a motorcycle ride. Just any helmet won’t suffice! Motorcycle riders should go to a top motorcycle retailer, such as Chaparral Motorsports, to pick from a selection of high-quality motorcycle helmets.

Prevention of Life-Threatening and Fatal Injuries

Many individuals are first encouraged to wear a helmet of any kind at a young age. Parents put helmets on their children when they are toddlers first learning to ride a tricycle. Tricycle riders become bicycle riders and are still encouraged to wear a helmet. For obvious reasons, motorcycle helmets differ from helmets made for tricycles and bicycles. There are more severe risks associated with riding a motorcycle compared to riding tricycles and bicycles, so motorcycle helmets are made stronger.

Motorcycle helmets are important because they are designed to withstand damage. Helmets with a face shield provide extra protection. They cover a motorcyclist’s eyes in a way that keeps them free of dirt, rocks and stones, debris, and anything else. Wearing a helmet, especially one that fully covers a motorcyclist’s face, prevents injuries such as a broken nose or facial fracture in the event that a motorcyclist falls or is knocked off of their motorcycle.

The most important function of a motorcycle helmet is the way it protects a motorcyclist’s brain in the event of a crash or impact. Helmets support the head and neck in a way that can prevent spinal cord injuries, concussions, and traumatic brain injuries. Such severe injuries can lead to permanently impaired motor functions, paralysis, brain bruising and bleeding, or death. 

In the event of a motor vehicle accident, especially if severe injuries are incurred, motorcyclists should take further measures to protect themselves completely, by consulting trustworthy car accident lawyers, such as those at the Law Offices of Daniel Kim. Victims of an accident should seek medical attention as soon as possible, document their medical expenses, and make a note of, and photograph any injuries they sustained and any damage done to their motorcycle, helmet, and other gear. After doing their part, an individual can then leave the rest up to their lawyers. Injured motorcyclists who consult the right team of professionals can focus on recuperating, with a guarantee that their case is being fought properly.

Seeking legal help can assure an individual that they will be fairly compensated for injuries and damages they sustained in an accident. Relying on attorneys who are experienced in personal injury and motor accident cases can help lessen an individual’s burdens and frustration, as well as their family’s, and can provide needed support while they are trying to physically, mentally, and emotionally cope with and recover from a life-changing situation.

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