College Kids

Career Choices Most College Kids Probably Haven’t Thought Of

According to data from the United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate for college degree-holders is lower than that for individuals without a college degree. Additionally, workers with a college degree typically earn more than those without a degree (2018). A college degree can be a safeguard against unemployment, and in some cases, underemployment, especially during economic crises.

Many college students believe their degree puts them on a defined career path. When choosing an undergraduate major, students may keep in mind the current and expected job outlook for certain professions. Students should be aware that they can work in a specialized field without taking on a traditional or standard role. 

Changes in American society and advancements in technology have led to the creation of jobs that did not exist years ago. There are well-paying jobs out there that are often unexplored and are unknown to many college students.

Careers in Specialized Areas

Something essential for college students to be mindful of is that many industries may consist of various sectors that require individuals to take on specialized job roles. For instance, the health field has many branches, including, but not limited to, medicine, pharmacy, nursing, mental health, public health, oral health, and surgery.

College students have career options aside from being a doctor or a nurse. One career option to consider is becoming a medical assistant. Someone interested in working in the oral health sector could become a dental hygienist instead of a dentist. Another possible career option is that of an anesthesiologist assistant.

Career Options in the Legal Industry

A popular field that is currently seeing growth in practicing professionals is the legal field. An alternative to being a lawyer or a judge is a paralegal. Paralegals aid attorneys by researching and investigating the facts involved in legal cases.

A position that is instrumental in courtroom operations is a court reporter. Court reporters keep records and transcribe testimonies and statements provided in court. Fort Lauderdale court reporters with Brickell Key Court Reporting, for example, create written reports and transcription in real-time and can use their agency’s technology and resources to optimize how they perform their duties. They can use text and video streaming to connect with individuals participating in legal hearings and dispositions. Without being in the same room, court reporters can transcribe and electronically deliver e-transcript files. These professionals are efficient and able to provide last-minute court reporting if clients suddenly need and request their services at the last minute.

Nontraditional Career Options

The internet has created jobs that did not exist decades ago. Only ten percent of Americans report that they do not use the internet. Widespread internet usage has enabled people to work and conduct business online. College students and college graduates may benefit from doing online freelance work, such as writing, telemarketing, or public relations.

Business-savvy college students may prosper in running a business. Even business majors at universities may not consider enough how they can run an online store. College students that establish online retail shops would have to run their business as efficiently as they would run a brick-and-mortar retail business.

Online business owners should acquire products to sell as merchandise and make profits. Many college students are probably not aware of how liquidation sales can supply business owners with the products they need to stock up their inventory. A liquidation marketplace can provide business owners with a variety of merchandise to buy for their businesses. Buying in-demand merchandise from a B2B liquidation site such as Direct Liquidation at a wholesale price allows business owners to pay a reasonable amount of money to increase their profits and customer satisfaction.

College students should conduct job searches that fit their career interests, as well as their personal interests. A helpful tip for college students is to keep an open mind and include nontraditional jobs and jobs that are not well known in their job searches.

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