8 Tips to Make Your Makeup Look More Natural

Doesn’t it sound weird that we want to wear makeup but still look natural? However hard it may be, this is the truth of the matter and has to be actualized. Finding the appropriate makeup for a natural look will always be a complicated affair.

Direct from the words; you may be tempted to think that a natural look makeup requires fewer products, which isn’t the case. You will be surprised that achieving that natural look takes more effort than the ordinary look.

Below are 8 tips to make your makeup look more natural.

  1. Clean Your Face Before Anything Else

Washing your face should always be a daily undertaking regardless of your busy schedule. Although during the morning is the ideal time to clean your face, be sure that you don’t sleep with makeup on your face.

The best approach to get rid of the makeup is the use of makeup remover-soaked cotton. In case you have no remover, water will serve you well. Ensure that all the old makeup is removed as a way of opening the skin pores.

Rub the cotton swiftly on your face to avoid injuries. With all these said and done, your face is now ready for the new natural makeup look.

  1. Moisturize

The much-desired natural look doesn’t come out of the blues. You have to put work to achieve it. This age of photo filters should not pressure you to look like your idols just because you have seen their latest picture. Instead, focus more on yourself than them.

With that said, begin by indulging deep into skin prep. The best way to do this is by using a face mask to moisturize your face. When you decide to use masks, ensure that they are made of clay since it contains silica, a vital mineral for skin rejuvenation.

Creating the right base for the makeup to sit should start by hydrating the face. Apart from hydration, using the right moisturizer offers additional anti-aging benefits to the skin. It also enhances the skin texture setting up a perfect base for the routine makeup.

  1. Conceal

Dark circles and spots on your face? This should no longer bother you. Concealers are here to hide these spots and lines, allowing your face to flow. A concealer gets rid of all the blemishes from the skin, giving it a near-perfect appearance.

Using a concealer is also a perfect strategy for keeping your foundation minimal. However, the color of the concealer has to match with that of your skin. Unlike other skincare products, the concealer is applied selectively at areas that have the spots.

Failure to use a concealer creates more emphasis on the weaknesses evident on your skin, thus hampering the much-coveted glow. Overdoing it will affect the foundation, which ends up disrupting your makeup look.

  1. Apply Foundation

The foundation forms a strong base where the rest of the makeup is built. The foundation you pick should be commensurate with your skin type. The two common skin types are normal and oily.

In case your skin is oily, all you need is a powdered foundation product, but if yours is normal, a greasy one will do for you. Others have a combination of the two skin types, which means you will have to use the two depending on the appearance of specific parts.

Apart from the formula, the color of the foundation is something that you have to double-check. Pick your product and hold it against some natural light to ascertain the color. Once that is done, use the right equipment, or else the foundation will look cakey.

  1. Use Bronzer

Bronzer is one of the most significant ways of enhancing your beauty. While some people will begin with the eye makeup, others will prefer to start with the bronzer. Whichever way you go, do it to your level best.

The bronzer can be spread across all the face or along the cheekbones. Whether full or half, brush lightly to avoid any exaggeration. As you bronze, have mirrors in front of you else you will end up with funny looks.

In normal circumstances, bronzer won’t work with pale skin, thus the need for more caution. When done appropriately, bronzer is an appropriate way of achieving a natural glow.

  1. Blush It

How was your experience with the bronzer? In case you did not like it, all is not lost as you can apply some blush. Blush can be either in the form of crème or powder.

The choice of blush type will depend on your skin type. For oily skins, the powdered form should be your first choice. For the rest, go the crème since it is compatible with your skin type. It also lasts longer than the powder.

  1. Keep Everything Creamy

Nothing works better for your skin other than these cream products. They are known to blend accordingly with the skin apart from allowing everything to stand into position. Creams also look more natural than powdered products.

The good thing with the cream products is that they can stand on your skin for a long time. For as long as you have followed the right procedure, everything will be in its initial position for the longest time possible.

  1. Mind Your Skin Tone

Choosing a product for your skin can be difficult, especially if you are not sure about your skin complexion. This mainly plays out when a second person is doing shopping activities for you. To avoid all this drama, get up and pick the products on your own.

Whatever look you give, the face should be reflected in the neck too. Your natural makeup will be a massive flop if the neck area is excluded. Unless you are sure that the neck will be fully covered, then you can ignore it.

Achieving a no-makeup look is never an easy task and may require significant sums of money. As you do all these, be sure that the products you choose do not react with your skin. At the same time, embrace natural remedies such as exercises and proper dieting for glowing skin.

Resources – Style Caster, The Everygirl

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