10 Kurti Designs That You Must Have In Your Wardrobe

No garment can beat the style and comfort of Kurtis. And when its summer and you want to look classy and elegant without getting too much sweat, the right Kurti designs can help you look shine. So are you also looking for the right Kurti for yourself? You must try to get yourself a beautiful Kurti as the western style of clothing may not be able to do justice with your figure. You can even go for Indo-western style and get yourself a Traditional Kurti with a western touch.

In the earlier time, the kurtis were only meant to be worn with salwar and Churidars, but now, these have become much more versatile and women can pair it with any kind of bottoms like jeggings, jeans, leggings, palazzo, salwar, dhoti harem, long skirts and many other kinds of bottoms. Therefore, you can’t imagine your wardrobe without this beautiful garment. So here are 10 types of Kurti designs that you must have in your wardrobe:

  1. Angrakha Kurti: Angrakha is a traditional type of Kurti that has an overlapping design. It is flowy from the bust area and comes with the straps on either side to tie them together. It falls below the knees and looks amazing with leggings and Churidars. These are perfect for women with broader shoulders.
Angrakha kurti

You can wear these Kurtis to casual outings, parties, formal meetings, and daily wear, depending on its fabric.

  • Tulip Kurtis: As the name suggests, tulip Kurtis is in the shape of a tulip flower and has some extra layers on its bottom. It has contemporary shape and that’s why women are crazy about it. It has length till ankles from the back and falls a little bit above from the front. These kinds of Kurtis are for tall and average height ladies, so they must try it out.
Tulip Kurtis

You can wear this Kurtis as daily wear, party wear, festive wear, college wear, and romantic date wear.

  • Tiered Kurti: The tiered Kurti has everything that a woman seeking for. These have many different colors of layers that starts just below the bust area. The normal length of these Kurtis is knee-length. It gives some layers to a normal or slimmer body and that’s why they should try it. The Churidar or leggings will look the best with these Kurtis and you can add a dupatta to complete the overall look.
Tiered Kurti

You can wear these kurtis at the festive season, causal day, wedding season and kitty parties, depending on its work and fabric.

  • Shirt Style Kurti: Shirt style Kurtis are more on the western side and helps a woman look a bit western. It has the proper length and fit, that makes everyone look slimmer. The collar, pockets, and buttons on this Kurtis make them look different. You can pair them with leggings, jeans and jeggings and most of the occasions.
Shirt Style Kurti

You can wear this kurtis as casual wear and office wear.

  • Reversible Kurtis: If you want to get a Kurti that will give you the benefit of two, then reversible Kurtis is the best for you. These are interesting and are tailored in such a way that you can wear it from both, front and back, sides. This may help you to save money as you can take the benefits of two with one Kurti.
Reversible Kurtis

You can wear these kurtis at casual occasions, festival season and formal occasions.

  • Pin Tucks kurtis: The pintuck Kurti designs come with the ornamental pleats that help a woman to look contemporary. These usually come with the elegant small buttons in the front and pinned with the loops on both sides. These are one of the oldest Kurti designs and still, women are crazy about it. You can wear them with jeans, jeggings or any other fitted bottom.
Pin tucks kurtis

You can wear them as casual wear, daily wear, college wear, trip wear, festive wear, parties wear and date wear.

  • Overlay Kurti: If you are looking for a designer style of Kurti, then get yourself an overall style of Kurti. It usually comes with the original Kurti that is overlapped with the flowy fabric. The upper layer usually has a see-through effect. You will enjoy wearing this Bollywood style of Kurti.
Overlay Kurti

You can wear this Kurti on special occasions like weddings, romantic dates, and parties.

  • High-Low Kurti: The high-low Kurtis has a higher effect from the front and longer effect from the back. These have the contemporary vibes that women must have in their collection. It doesn’t have any circle or tail but still, it is able to maintain its style. You can wear it with jegging, jeans or leggings.
High-Low Kurti

You can wear this Kurti at a party, wedding, formal wear or as daily wear.

  • Empire Waist Kurti: The empire waist dresses have a gown-like effect and help you to look like a princess. It is normal at your bust area and starts flowing once it goes at the end. These are different from Anarkali and has no frill effect. You can pair it with fitted bottoms and enjoy their beautiful vibes.
empire waist kurti

You can wear these kurtis as casual wear, college wear, formal wear, festive wear and outing wear.

  1. C-Cut Kurti: These kurti designs come with the “C” shape and gets broader at the bottom. These are in the shape of C from the front that means, these have less length from the front and back and a more length from the sides. You can pair it with fitted bottoms and enjoy its contemporary look.
C-Cut Kurti

You can wear these kurtis on the big occasions, dinners, daily, day outs, romantic dates and parties.

So choose your favourite kurti from the list and add it to your Wardrobe!

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