Top Tips For Styling Kurtas For Short Heighted Women

If you are short of short height you would come across situations where a particular style you like does not suit you well because of your height. One goes through a lot of frustration in such situations and it is completely understandable. Being of short height does not mean that it should stop one from wearing her favourite outfit, be it saree or a kurta. Few easy tricks that you can follow in order to outshine that party look despite being petite are:

  1. 1. Pairing the kurta with palazzo pants that are slim fitted.

Pairing a long kurta with pants is the new in thing this season. Not only do they look smart and very trendy but also suit majority of body types. A smart tip to follow here is that to pick a palazzo with minimum to medium flare and one whose length is just up to the ankle and not longer. This would make you look taller. With so many options available online and in store one can easily gets their hands on these. Don’t have time to go to the mall, just pick a kurta palazzo set online.

  1. Pairing same colour top and bottom or at least picking same family

For a girl to stick to one colour one there are so many options to pick is really hard, but, lets us tell you that by doing so one creates an illusion of being tall. When one wears same top and bottom a vertical line illusion is created, that makes you look tall. One more thing to remember is sticking to fitting kurtas and darker colours

  1. 3. Kurtas paired with skirts that are medium flared

One might think that this is not a very great idea for a short woman but believe us pairing a fairly long kurta, which is straight along with a medium flare skirt with a length right above the ankle will not only make give u the illusion of being tall but also make your look even more edgy.

  1. Kurta paired with slim leg pants

Slim pants have become a blessing women all around the globe. They add a smart and crisp look to the complete look. Teaming up a kurta with slim leg pants creates a very straight line silhouette making one look even taller than they actually are. A kurta that is stitched straight usually is the best choice when going for a look like this.

  1. Don’t forget to wear heels with your kurta

This is one fact that is a no brainer.Even though wearing high heels would eventually make your feet hurt but it is these few inches that would make a woman look stylish and more importantly tall. A straight kurta paired with heels would do the magic for your body frame. Wedge heels or pencil heels is your personal choice.

Some other tips may be a belt around the waist and minimal accessory look

These trips will boost that confidence of yours making you look chic and tall. So, rush to a store near you or pick your favourite kurta sets online.

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