Best Approach For JEE Main Question Paper

You must have probably come across countless articles that tell you the best preparation strategies. Irrespective of the amount of hard work that you put into studying, if you don’t devise an effective strategy to approach the question paper smartly, then your preparation will amount to nothing. We come across many instances where students toil for years but fail to give their best on the day of the exam. To rid you free of such tragedies, we have come up with an approach that you can adopt for the JEE Question Paper. We request you to read the article carefully to get the maximum profit out of your JEE exam preparations.

  1. Examine the Paper

As soon as you get the question paper, go through the entire paper to evaluate the difficulty level of the paper. Answer the questions that are easy to you first because it saves a lot of regrets just in case you run out of time and are unable to attempt the questions that are your strong points.

  1. Subject Order

Once you answer relatively easier and average questions, you must choose an order to solve the rest of the paper. We would suggest the following strategy:

  • First, solve your strongest subject
  • Then, the subject that you are weakest at
  • In the end, solve the subject that you are average at

This tried and tested approach has many advantages. Firstly, since you have solved the easiest subject first, a large number of questions are out of the way and you have also earned yourself a lot of marks in a short period. At the same time, it builds a lot of confidence. This increased confidence allows you to sail through your weakest subject, after which, you can focus on the third subject.

  1. Play to your strengths

It is wise to attempt Chemistry first and then either Mathematics or Physics because of the following reasons:

  • Chemistry has the highest scoring potential.
  • It is a time-saver as it entails the least amount of calculations and the answers are usually binary in nature – you either know the correct one or you don’t know it. There’s no alternative and hence, no wastage of time.
  • This approach provides you time for computational problems in Mathematics and Physics.

After finishing Chemistry, go for the subject where you are weaker among Mathematics and Physics. We advise you to try this approach in practice tests and find out if it works well for you.

  1. Time Management

Now that we have explained how to attempt the question paper in a structured manner, let us discuss Time- Management. It is a great practice to allocate some time at the end to verify all the solved answers. This is important because of concepts such as magnetic field involves a lot of mathematics, and one silly mistake can cost you a lot of marks. Remember that speed and accuracy are of supreme importance in JEE Main. High speed with low accuracy is the most dangerous thing while solving the paper.

It is important to understand that each student might have a personal strategy that works efficiently for them. The same approach that works well for you might not work well for others. So, solve as many practise papers as you can, get out of your comfort zones and strategize your move accordingly.

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