Wonders of a Storage Bed

The Wonders of a Storage Bed!

With space being a precious commodity in today’s world, people are looking for furniture that is multipurpose and also looks elegant at the same time. This is how storage beds became popular ever since their introduction in the market. There are several storage bed designs that help you increase the amount of storage space in your home.

Initially, storage beds were called captain’s beds. Since space on ships was limited, captain’s beds were useful as storage.  However, in their initial form, they consisted of a platform with a simple mattress on top. The platform had inbuilt drawers to be used for storage. As time went by, homeowners realized that the empty space below their beds could be used to store items that were till then placed inside wardrobes and cupboards.

The space under a bed is often difficult to reach while cleaning, making it a common hiding place for dust bunnies, lost toys, and other random stuff. Storage beds eliminate the need to clean under the bed as space is completely used for storage.

The recent trend of making furniture multifunctional has replaced the traditional bed with storage beds. Here are a couple of different types of storage beds available in the market today:

  • Adult Storage Beds

Adult storage beds are designed to fit the typical room décor preferred by grownups. The storage containers are incorporated into the bed design, making them almost invisible. The hidden trundle bed, the hidden drawers and even hidden lift to help it make it easier to lift the bed and access even more space for storage. These storage beds often have clean lines and a functional aesthetic that is pleasing to the eye. The adult storage beds also come with headboards and canopies just like traditional regular beds.

  • Storage Beds For Children

Storage beds for children are slightly different than those for adults. They are designed to be both playful and practical. In some cases, the bed is designed to resemble a fort with storage drawers around it. You will also come across bunk beds for kids, which are designed to have extra storage in the form of hidden drawers along with the steps.

  • Captain’s Storage Bed

As mentioned earlier, the captain’s storage bed is the earlier version of storage beds. You can find them in different styles ranging from simple, modern to more classical versions. They all still have drawers under the mattress though. While some of the models have drawers on just one side, other models have drawers all around the sides.  If the captain’s bed is slightly on the taller side, you will notice multiple rows of drawers as well.

  • Lift Storage Beds

Lift storage beds are almost similar to the captain’s storage beds. The only difference is that the entire space below the mattress is used for storage by using a simple lift mechanism. This helps people lift the mattress up to get access to the entire area underneath the bed. The hydraulic lift system is easy to operate and can be used by anyone.

  • Trundle Storage Bed

The Trundle storage beds offer an extra mattress that can be rolled out from the main mattress. While the regular trundle bed usually has just the secondary bed roll out the feature, you can still find taller loft trundle beds that come with extra drawers.  The storage bed wood is designed to be durable and long-lasting so that you can use it for many years. You will see trundle storage beds in guest rooms, children’s rooms and so on.

You can pick the right storage bed from Wakefit, for your room to store bed linens, winter blankets, duvets and so on.

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