How to Rejuvenate a Theme Park: Ideas with High Success Rates

Theme parks have a timeless appeal as their gates are portals into fantastical lands, mythical characters and astounding creatures, brought forth into the real world.

From a business point of view, though, theme parks must also be profitable in order to be sustainable. Taking a cue from some of the top theme parks in the world, and advice from their managers, here are a few ideas that can be used to rejuvenate any theme park that may have lost some of its former glory.

Adding New Attractions

Whether it’s Disney World or Universal’s Islands of Adventure, every successful theme-based establishment has at least one thing in common; they keep adding new attractions.

They keep the crowd favorites, but replace the less popular rides with brand new attractions. For example, a dinosaur themed section for kids with a few animatronic baby dinosaur displays can do wonders for parks that need to work harder at appealing to kids and families. To make the experience even more fun and interactive, get a few of the latest hidden legs dinosaur costumes. It’s a delightfully realistic experience to see lifelike dinosaurs at a local theme park!

Renovating an Old Crowd Favorite

If the park has a ride, a special section, or a building that used to be popular once, then chances are that it can be popular again. Renovate the park and update it with new attractions first, and then market it via both online and offline channels.

People love a grand reopening, so announce a date for the reopening well in advance. It will help build anticipation and curiosity, especially if the park is well known.

Add a Haunted House

Scary rooms, aka haunted houses, are a classic attraction that still reel in the young crowd. If you don’t have one yet, you might want to consider it. Just make sure that you keep some innovative surprises in store for unsuspecting guests!

Think about Additional Facilities and Attractions

It’s true that theme parks are primarily dependent on the quality of their themed attractions for drawing in crowds, but that shouldn’t be the only source of revenue generation, provided you have the option to offer more.

Accommodation and local tours are both common and effective strategies to generate interest and add additional sources of income to a theme park. If there are tourist spots nearby, take advantage of that by joining in on the tourism aspect as well.

Offering Rental Options

Theme parks with dinosaurs, clowns, fairy tale characters, fun rides, etc. make them the ideal rental spots for children’s birthday celebrations.

If there are more serious, adult oriented sections of the park, they can also be ideal for bachelor/bachelorette parties, office parties, Christmas parties and New Year’s Eve celebrations among others. The park doesn’t necessarily have to close on these dates either. Simply cordon off the privately rented section and keep the rest of the facility operating as usual.

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