Live your dreams in the wilderness of Bangalore

As per the recent research, Bangalore city in India has witnessed a significant hike in the demands of luxury homes. In fact, it is the only city in the country to have seen an approximately 45% hike in the overall demand for luxurious space costing above INR 1.5 crore. There are several reasons that contribute towards the gradual booming of the real estate sector in Bangalore. Some of the factors that have led to the uplift of this sector in Bangalore are:

  • In India, Bangalore city has been transforming from its very own traditional ways towards the path of modernization where just like Mumbai and New Delhi, the city is also treading on the path of apartments and villas.
  • Significant changes in the lifestyle of people and thought processes have led to the development of luxury spaces and lavish properties. It has a niche market for villa type properties.
  • Bangalore is known as the youth city, as most of the city crowd comprises of youth and the younger generation. Be it for educational or employment purposes, youth these days are preferring to become a part of the lively and happening city of Bangalore, India.
  • Young generations are now buying their first dream homes in their late 20s. Even married couples prefer settling in this city of opportunities by making an initial investment. Besides, all those singles that arrive in the city for job or business purposes prefer sharing accommodation as well as co-living in apartment type properties. One would get the option for a lavish villa or penthouse as well as a small studio apartment in Bangalore, India.
  • There is a kind of metro magic in the city that draws people and especially NRIs. It has been observed that NRIs, after spending certain years abroad for job purposes, prefer returning to their families and beloved ones and thus settle in some of the luxury hubs in the country. Bangalore is the top priority for these NRIs because of the benefits of a metro city.
  • As Bangalore holds on to both sides of being traditional as well as metropolitan at the same time, NRIs often get to witness interesting aspects of the city and the country and they see the city through the eyes of both an Indian as well as a foreigner.
  • The most attractive part of the city is its cool climate and the greenery that surrounds the city in a magical way. NRIs, who visit Bangalore once, often fall in love with the city so much so that they end up making the decision of investing in the residential projects either for themselves or for their families.
  • In the past few years, this Indian city has experienced tremendous growth due to the booming tech companies that have led to ever-increasing employment opportunities to people. NRIs, who had once sacrificed a career for their families, have been bestowed with better opportunities and growth.
  • The city has glamour and if one wants to go on adventures, the city offers innumerable trip options. The city is full of pubs and provides lots of opportunities for people like NRIs to enjoy the nightlife.
  • The city is quite safe as one gets to be surrounded by a lively helpful crowd. The security is undoubtedly better than any other city in the country. For NRIs, security becomes a concern but a peaceful mind will be the gift that Bangalore will ever offer you.
  • Quite opposed to normal belief, language is never the barrier here, as people are extremely affable and welcoming in every possible manner.

Whenever NRIs visit the city for work or family reasons, they get so impressed with the city’s culture, lifestyle and all that it has to offer to the visitors that they cannot help but look for upcoming projects in Bangalore. But often it has been observed that the one hindrance that NRIs majorly face while searching for a suitable property is the lack of sources of authentic information and property transparency. In this regard, it is recommended that they use a very unique housing website This website offers all that one needs to buy a dream home in Bangalore. The website offers lists of endless developed as well as upcoming projects in Bangalore and all other megacities in India. The website provides detailed information on the listed real estate properties including upcoming properties in Bangalore:

  • com website comprises of all the necessary and crucial filters to look for properties that abide by the RERA (Real Estate regulatory Act 2016) compliance. This acts as a major guarantee for buyers and tenants, especially the NRIs and so if the property is RERA compliant then they can rest assured of any kind of fraudulent activities.
  • Besides new and resale flats, also provides information about the upcoming projects in Bangalore and other major cities in India. This is quite useful for people like NRIs who hail from foreign lands and wish to buy properties such as a studio apartment in Bangalore.
  • The website offers a huge number of filter options that they can use to identify the best suited residential property in Bangalore, India.
  • One can decide the price range for the preferred property, type of property, type of BHK, possession date, location, added amenities and utilities. One can also select the built-up area of the property as per requirement. All the listed properties on the website are located at the heart of the city and extremely well-connected across the city.
  • There are several filters regarding the type of flat were available like whether it is an Apartment, Independent House, Independent Floor, Plot, Duplex, Penthouse, Villa or studio apartment in Bangalore.
  • There are options like possession date, whether the property is ready to move or under construction along with added amenities, whether listed by owner, developer or agent.

Bangalore has set a new benchmark in terms of luxurious living and this is extremely impressive for people especially NRIs. The website is exclusively meant for them who look for spacious living and are not willing to compromise on comfort in any way.

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