How to Search a GST Number by PAN

Introduction to GST and GSTIN

Growth can be spotted when people are open to changes. One such change was observed in the taxation system of India with the introduction of the cumulative goods and services tax (GST). The sole motive of this change was to facilitate the transparency and efficiency of transactions. The introduction of GST enables the standardization of tariffs throughout the country.

Earlier, the computation of taxes had been time-consuming and was affected by a lack of human resources.

However, today the digitization of all verticals fosters easy tax filing. Any tax-related queries are performed via the goods and services tax network. Every person, be it a business owner or a service provider, has to register under GST mandatorily. Once done, he is allotted with what is known as GSTin. The acronym stands the GST Identification Number which is a 15 character long PAN-based alpha-numeric sequence of characters.

In addition to the Permanent Address Number (PAN), a GST Identification Number comprises of the state code, the entity code and a checksum digit.

Advancing secure indirect taxation requires authentication of vendor information and using a wrong GSTin for filing returns usually results in penalties.

How to Obtain a GST Identification Number?

Applying for a GST Identification number, also called the GSTin, is a hassle-free and simple procedure. All dealers and business professionals owning an organization must obtain a GST identification number by:

Registering, online or offline (depending upon the medium that suits you the most), by providing personal information. These details include the name and type of the business you own, the place of business set-up, the mobile number and the Permanent Account Number (PAN) of the owner, bank details, jurisdiction information, etc.

The PAN is an essential document required for the registration process. The Government also allows you to verify and check Goods and service tax status by searching the GST number using the PAN information you had provided while registering.

Different methods to search for a GST number

The introduction of GST has enabled easy integration and computation of excise through a common technically-sound portal.

The Government has provided consumers with a secure medium to access services associated with tax through the official website,

It is possible to look for an exact Goods and services number by either of the following ways:

●    Searching by Initials

The Government has made tax compliance easy with the introduction of GST. The easiest way to search for a number is to search by name. All one needs to do is enter the correct initials of the company (taxpayer).

When using an online tool to do so, one needs to make sure that he has punched a minimum of 10 characters. As the number of characters increases, the information becomes more relevant. Moreover, since GSTIN is state-specific, entering the initials of the state apart from the business characters is also essential.

●    Search GST number by PAN

The most popular method to find GST information is via a PAN number.

Just like the previous method, one could search a GST number by PAN either by accessing the government-provided portal or any of the available internet tools that provide search results based on trial and error techniques.

The steps involved in searching by PAN are:

A. Visit the GST Portal.

B. Click on the “Search Taxpayer” tab and select the desired option. Here you will find the “Search by PAN” option.

C. The above step navigates you to a page where you need to enter the associated Permanent Account Number along with a captcha to confirm the absence of robot inputs.

D. The last step is to click on the “search” button marked in blue.

Once you have successfully performed all the above steps, ‘search a GST number by PAN’ process is complete. Your screen will then display GSTIN registration details linked to the PAN entered by the user.

What are the Benefits of GSTIN Search, and How Has the Introduction of GST Changed the Taxation Approach?

We can all avail the advantages offered by the introduction of GST. But, one benefit that remains unnoticed is the reduction of frauds associated with the levied excise. It allows status check and visibility of GST data with a single click, hence, saving a lot of time, cost and transportation expenses involved in locating the state and regional tax offices.

Today, uniformity can be achieved quickly, and the cascading effect of taxes is no more the cause of concern. Not only to the search GST number by PAN, but filing returns annually, payment procedures and all other queries are executed through a proper channel handled by the respective states.


The introduction of GST is one of the most significant moves our country has observed. It has brought all the service providers under a common umbrella. The transaction process has become less prone to errors since the Government provides us with a secure customer facilitation service through its website. Along with the official site, some privately-owned portals also allow you to perform searches and view information. All the inquiries are met using the GST identification number, which consists of PAN and state codes.

A person owning enterprises in different states must obtain different GSTIN(s) by registering himself. In such a case, the first two digits of the GSTIN will vary since they are state-dependent.

The new system minimizes tax fraud since all the information can be accessed either by selecting ‘search GST number by PAN’ or ‘search by name’ option.

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