Sleep Deprivation: Reasons, Effects and Remedies

Sleep deprivation, also known as sleeplessness or insufficient sleep, is one of the most common conditions prevailing across the world today. It is a condition in which a person fails to get enough sleep. One among five adults faces this problem. Sleep deprivation affects the brain and other normal functioning of the body. The body feels weak and tired, and a person doesn’t feel like working or doing even his favorite job. A person needs to have a proper sleep. 

  • Reason

There are many reasons for sleep deprivation. Many among them are excessive daytime sleeping, hypertension, lack of concentration or weak memory, medications, excessive intake of caffeine or alcohol, extreme mood change, headaches, stomach aches or other health issues, attention-related problems, etc. It is essential to pinpoint the reason for this condition and work upon it. In a day, it is necessary to maintain the body for its effective functioning. If a person is sleep-deprived, he or she eventually loses his memory and hence his confidence. 

  • Effects 

Sleeplessness is a medical condition that needs intervention. There are effects of sleep deprivation on health. The results of not having proper sleep are many. Confusion, weak memory, aching muscles, lack of concentration, hand tremors, headaches, depression, lack of adjustable mattress base, false memory, increased blood pressure, hormonal imbalance, obesity, seizure, lowering of immunity, yawning, etc. are some of the adverse effects of sleeplessness. The results of insomnia are significant and hence need intervention. A person should necessarily sleep properly, lest his body will lose itself soon yielding to diseases and future problems.

  • Remedies

There are many remedies for treating sleeplessness:

  • Mindful meditation: Meditation is an excellent way of controlling and channelizing your body. A person controls his or her thoughts through meditation. He sits quietly and feels his breath and concentrates without really thinking about anything. It increases the memory of a person along with concentration. Meditation significantly improves the sleeplessness condition.
  • Warm blanket: Many times, a person doesn’t sleep in a cozy environment due to which his or her sleep is not comfortable enough. A soft blanket is essential for a good sleep. One can consider the branquil weighted blanket reviews to purchase a super warm and cozy blanket.
  • Yoga: Yoga is one of the most super exercises which help to treat sleeplessness. A proper breathing exercise, along with physical movements, can help in better sleep at night. Strive to increase your yoga exercise eventually, which will make you feel better and improve the oxygen level of your brain.
  • Mattress: A comfortable and soft bed is vital for a good sleep. A hard mattress doesn’t make a person feel cozy and can be one of the reasons for lack of sleep. One can invest in expensive mattresses for getting a night of deep sleep at night. For maintenance of the bed, using mattress protector king size for protecting them from any dust, dirt, or any spilling of liquid which can ruin it is advisable.
  • Massage: Massaging the body with aromatic oils all along the body and head increases blood circulation and is an excellent remedy to treat sleeplessness.

Sleep deprivation is one of the most ruining conditions of the body, which slowly and gradually devastates the body. Remedies should be adopted by those who are facing this situation. In many cases, a proper change to your lifestyle can help:

  • Stay active for whole day.
  • Avoid caffeine or alcohol in your diet. 
  • Abstain from using gadgets at night. 
  • Have lighter meals at night. 

Following these basic remedies can help a person in overcoming sleep deprivation slowly.

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