Asoke Condo for Rent

Asoke Condo or Rent in the Crossroads of the City

For people who love to get out and explore the city of Bangkok, an Asoke condo for rent can be an excellent option for accommodations in the city. The Asoke area of the city serves as the crossroads of all the rapid transit systems in Bangkok.

At the Sukhumvit end of Asoke Road, both the MRT and BTS Skytrain converge, making it easy and convenient to transfer from one to the other. At the Phetchaburi Road end of Asoke sits Makkasan Station. This is the largest station serving the Airport Express rapid transit line. Just a short walk from Makkasan Station is the Phetchaburi Station on the MRT line.

More than Just Convenient Transportation

But an Asoke condo for rent offers much more than just convenient access to rapid transit in Bangkok. The area is known for its colourful and vibrant restaurants, its abundance of both bargain-basement and upscale shopping malls, and the variety of small shops and services offering everything a resident needs to maintain a comfortable lifestyle in the city. 

Life in an Asoke condo for rent means easy access to all the excitement and simple comforts that Bangkok can offer.

Luxury Condos Offer Plenty of Amenities

With the popularity of the area, due to its location as a transport hub to all other areas of the city, the Asoke area has been targeted for the development of luxury high-rise condos that offer everything that single business people or families could ask for in a home.

Luxury condos for rent in Asoke all have swimming pools and fitness centres. An increasing amount of them also have both indoor and outdoor children’s play areas. These condos offer 24-hour security as well, so your children can play on the condo grounds in complete safety.

For adults, the high-rise condos of Asoke also offer convenient shuttle services to and from the BTS and MRT stations, convenience stores, coffee shops, and cafes right on the condo’s grounds, and many more thoughtful and convenient services to entice potential renters.

Family Facilities Near Asoke

For families looking to live in a vibrant area of the city that offers needed facilities as well, the Asoke area offers several international schools in and around the area, Piyavate, Praram 9 and Bangkok Hospital are all with a few minutes’ drive of the Asoke neighbourhood as well.

The Terminal 21 shopping mall right next to the Asoke BTS station has a gourmet grocery store on the first floor that offers foods from around the world as well as locally-grown, fresh produce and meats, fish and poultry. For business people and families relocating to Bangkok, condos for rent in Asoke offer convenient transport to anywhere in the city, and everything else a recently transplanted resident would want right in the immediate area of their home. It’s no wonder that this is becoming one of the most desired neighbourhoods in Bangkok for both expats and local Thai residents as well. 

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