Top 5 Things to Get Sorted Before Your Wedding Day

When you are prepping for the biggest day of your life, managing your time and ensuring every little detail is taken care of is crucial for a memorable and enjoyable experience.

With all the planning and organising that goes into making your day perfect, you may even forget, it is a time of celebration.

With our top five things to get sorted before your wedding day, you can be sure of enjoying your wedding day.

Confirm your guest list

Run through your list of RSVPs one last time to confirm how many guests will be coming.

Ensure to update your event planner (if you hired one) or your wedding day coordinator of number changes as they need to inform vendors of changes to the number of guests they will be serving.

Weddings are expensive enough without paying for guests who will not be attending. The final number of guests may determine the venue and will undoubtedly affect your table arrangement.

Work out seating with your partner as this can be a stressful part of your wedding planning.

With the final number of guests sorted, you also want to make sure guests can easily find their way to your wedding. Send out directions a week or so before, if there is a risk of people getting lost.

Check-in with vendors

Do a last-minute round with your Sydney function venue contact vendors to be sure they have everything they need from you.

As the wedding day approaches, you also want to go over the fine details with your service providers for the last time to be sure everything is happening as you have planned.

For example, update your caterer with any changes on the meal plans to be served on the day. You would also want to inform them of any allergies and food requirements they need to take into consideration.

Send them your finalised plan of the seating arrangements and any final instructions you might have for the reception.

Try on your attire

Your wedding day is not when you adjust and make amends to your wedding attires. Usually, you are supposed to try on your dress days before the wedding to be sure everything is perfect.

While “dress rehearsing” you may want to go the full length on your look. Try on the shoes and accessories for a run-through before the wedding.

By doing this, you have time to make any adjustments to perfect your look. Be sure to remove any makeup and accessories to avoid damaging your dress while trying it on.

Pack your honeymoon bags

Before the hype and excitement of your big day kicks in, you may want to ready your things for the honeymoon.

Pack your bags, and make a list of essentials items you need to pack while on honeymoon. Do this before the wedding day. You can then be confident that after the celebrations, you can grab your bags and go.

While at it, you may also want to review your honeymoon itinerary. Make sure you have all your documents ready. Designate one of your bags as a document holder to hold all your essential travelling paperwork.

Book a house cleaning service

You do not want to get back to a house full of grime and dirt after your honeymoon. Or if you are like most newly-weds, you will not want to start your married life cleaning and dusting.

So, before the wedding, find a Sydney house cleaning service to wash and polish every corner of your home while you are away so you can return to a spanking clean house.

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