Reasons why kidney transplant is a good option

In any living body, the kidney is one of the most vital internal organs because it functions to remove most of the wastes from the body. According to medical studies, kidneys are responsible to wash out at least 45 gallons of blood from a human body on a regular basis. But the problem arises if they start malfunctioning. Then a lot of fluid starts accumulating in the human body and this gives rise to health hazards like high blood pressure and kidney failure.

If one is suffering from a chronic kidney disease then one has to go through 2 main things. The first one is the kidney transplant procedure and the second is the dialysis treatment. If one is looking for the kidney transplant price in India, they can see that it is a costly procedure because here one has to receive a healthy kidney from a donor. Then there is dialysis where the blood gets filtered in the treatment with the help of a special tube or a machine from the human belly.

Though a lot of people might think that transplantation of kidneys is the last resort when it comes to treatment as other options are not working but that is not the case in truth. But why the doctors prefer transplants more that dialysis? Well, the major reason behind that is those people who have undergone transplantation have the chance of living longer as compared to the person who has opted for regular dialysis. There are some other benefits of transplantation as well. They are:

  • There will be very few limits in regular life and diet once the operation is successful.
  • One will face very few long term health issues when the transplantation is over.
  • The life quality gets much better as compared to a dialysis patient. This is because they can go back to their regular work after the post-operative phase is over.
  • There is more energy and zeal to life.

One must keep in mind that dialysis can take a heavy toll on the body and it can lead to some other issues like heart problems and anemia. But there are many people who still have to go for dialysis. What can be the reason behind that? The major reason behind that is the scarcity of kidney donor numbers. The number of patients who are waiting for their kidneys to be transplanted are way more than the number of donors available. There are also some people who are not healthy or fit enough to get a kidney transplant. For them dialysis is not a choice but the only option. Who are the ones who cannot get a kidney transplantation done?

  • People who are cancer patients and getting treatment for it.
  • There are some persisting infections in the body which is being treated.
  • Suffering from severe heart diseases and hence will not be able to survive the surgery.
  • Some illness that has limited their lives to few more years only.
  • Obese patients.
  • Suffering from mental health issues.

There are best kidney hospitals in India where one can get treated.

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