Great Packaging

How to Make an Impression on Your Customers with Great Packaging

Going the Custom Route

Custom packaging can be a key component in expanding your e-commerce business. You’ve got to understand what’s going on in the marketplace right now if you’re going to see why. E-commerce is at a fever pitch of effectiveness and utility right now owing, at least in small part, to COVID-19.

Because everyone is staying at home and afraid of going outdoors, a lot of businesses where you can order food or other goods digitally have begun to expand. E-commerce is the new “shopping mall”. And it’s very simple to set up an e-commerce operation. Essentially, you just design a few things that can be printed on-demand at an automated factory, and voila.

Nobody has to pay anything unless something is ordered. Depending on the group with whom you work, whatever you sell will have half the payment go to the on-demand factory, and the other half go into the pocket of your e-commerce business. So if you sold a t-shirt for $20, you’d get $10, and the company that printed and shipped the product would get the other $10. But no factory would be stockpiling your goods; they’d be produced when an order was made.

Common buyers are beginning to understand this, so they’ve come to expect a certain, common type of packaging with the products they purchase through e-commerce platforms. However, if you have some sort of custom packaging, then what ends up happening is that the buyer feels you’re more than just a general e-commerce vendor. We’ll cover some aspects of this impression in this writing.

Multiple Custom Media

First, there are many different types of media that you can use as packing material. What sort of custom packaging you choose will in large part depend on who your audience is, and what you’re packing.

For example, some items may best be packed in a sort of tissue paper embossed with your branding graphics. Another option may be a little drawstring bag. Just to help give you an idea how valuable this is, consider Crown Royal. The whiskey is pretty good, but it’s really not the most top-shelf option out there.Yet that royal purple bag—that says something.

If you’ve got some sort of product like a lotion, or a spirit, or even some sort of bauble that has no liquid component at all, a little drawstring sack can be ideal for your purposes. This will set your product apart from others. The drawstring sack is almost like an add-on, when you think about it. A lot of people use and reuse crown royal sacks; they might do the same with your packing bag.

If you’re selling clothing, there’s going to be a label, it can be worth your while to add something customized. There are even ziplock baggie customization options, as well as custom poly mailers.

Marketing Inside Customer Homes

A collateral benefit of branding packing materials in a customized way is increased brand awareness. Think about it. When you get a new package from UPS, or some other shipping group, what do you do? You unwrap or unpack it, then you take whatever was in the box out. What does the box and packing materials do? Why, those things remain where you left them until they’re thrown away.

So if your e-commerce business has branding information embossed on all outbound packing, suddenly you’ve got a free advertisement inside the home of your target demographic.

That is some top-tier marketing, and there are key providers of options enabling as much today. Custom packaging from Deepking can really enhance your e-commerce business and includes all the customized options briefly explored earlier in this writing.

Proper Branding Tactics In Packaging Make Impressions

E-commerce is a wing of retail that has become increasingly popular in the modern economic environment and is poised to expand in that popularity going forward. If you’re going to conduct such business, it’s worth your while to know all the ins and outs associated with available options.

Customized packing in multiple varieties can be key in making your e-commerce operation stand out from the competition. Also, you’re in a position where you can market within the homes of your target demographic almost for free. So if you haven’t looked into this wing of e-commerce enhancement, it is definitely worth your while to do so.

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