What is the Staffing Agency?

What is the Staffing Agency? How Does the Staffing Agency System Work? Staffing Agency is a third party that helps clients (companies) to get talent (HR) in accordance with the requirements needed by the company.

So the company does not need to bother to recruit new employees, because it is enough to be left to the Staffing Agency.

Portland Staffing Agency is a consulting firm that contains professional recruitment experts or some are working individually (professionals) who are required by a company to find new employee candidates for their company.

So it can be said that the Staffing Agency is a bridge between work providers (companies) and job seekers.

Simply stated, the Staffing Agency will be given the employee requirements needed by the company. Then the Staffing Agency looks for suitable job candidates.

Well, usually the Staffing Agency already has a lot of prospective employee databases that previously had already sent a CV to the Staffing Agency.

So, for people who don’t have work or who already have work and later want to change jobs, can send their CV to the Staffing Agency.

The Staffing Agency will later work by looking at the company’s needs and capabilities of the candidates in its database. If there is a match or approach, the Staffing Agency will contact the candidate.

Then after that, it will be submitted to the company.

Does that mean the HRD Team at a company that uses the services of the Staffing Agency doesn’t work?

Not really, all final decisions remain on the HRD of the company.

The Staffing Agency will only provide recommendations on the number of candidates needed, and later on, the Company’s HRD will decide whether it is appropriate or not.

If that’s the case, why should companies use the Staffing Agency?

The existence of the Staffing Agency is very helpful for the company because it does not need to be busy looking for prospective employees needed.

Especially if what is needed is very much. So the company can stay focused on the business being run.

From the job seeker side, the existence of the Staffing Agency was also very helpful.

Because the jobseekers simply send a CV to the Staffing Agency, and later jobs will be found in accordance with their skills.

Currently, the Staffing Agency is very helpful for large companies to be able to get employees according to their needs. And through the Staffing Agency, the process will be more effective.

Maybe some of us are familiar with the Staffing Agency or executive search who provide services to companies to do professional recruitment for positions that can be said to be crucial in the company. This is where the role of the Staffing Agency works, they will look for candidates who have the capability, experience, and readiness to fill certain positions that are needed by the company.

As said earlier, the Staffing Agency is a professional recruiter who has certain methods and qualifications to be able to pass candidates to the company according to company requirements.

Generally, Staffing Agencies are asked by companies to look for people with top-level managerial capabilities, usually, they are in the company and actively working, so it is not possible to send a CV.

It is with this level of urgency that the Staffing Agency helps to invite professional workers to work in their client companies.

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