Top 6 Formulas You Can Use To Write Headlines Like A Pro

Writing articles, social media posts, or emails isn’t the hardest part of copywriting. The real challenge is writing a headline that is selling, exciting, memorable, and catchy, in one word “attractive”.

Most of the copywriters periodically have a question: “How to write headlines so that they catch readers?” Find the answer below by reading this article.

Importance Of Heading

Nobody will admit this to you, but the title is much more important than the article itself, for example. Remember how many social media posts, news pages, or blogs do you view every day? What makes you open and read them?

This is why it is so important to give it time and attention. The same rule applies to the site, and even in the directory. You can be a great write but if you missed the title, then all your work will go to the trash!

Calm down, this can be avoided. To learn how to write creative, attractive, really catchy headlines, read this article till the end.

 6 Formulas To Write A Headline

To make it clearer, we will explain the main formulas to write the headlines properly. Each formula is supported with examples:

1.      Be Sure To Use Numbers

In order to make the headline attractive, it should have numbers in it. When a reader sees a number in the title, it immediately grabs his attention. The reason is that:

·         It tells about the length of the content.

·         Readers get an idea what of content will be about.

·         It develops an interest in the topic.


Bad – Mistakes All Students Make When Getting Dissertation Help In UK.

Good – 9 Mistakes All Students Make When Getting Dissertation Help In UK.

2.      Use Adjectives

Using the correct adjective in the headline can help it stand out from the rest. It provokes the emotion of the readers and helps them understand the content and the perspective of the writer better.


Bad – The Mistakes That All Marketers Make.

Good – The Critical Mistakes That All Marketers Make.

3.            Use Words That Imply A Promise

By ensuring in the title that it will be useful for the reader to open it, use such words that imply a promise. In this competitive time, each writer wants to stay on the top; it is only possible if they attract the targeted audience to read their articles.


Bad: How To Quickly Learn A Game.

Good: 5 Ways To Learn A Game That Ensures Victory.

4.            Use Negative Phrases

According to experts, the positive phrases in the title are too common that they have become clichéd. Therefore, they don’t develop the interest of the readers. Whereas, the negative phrases instantly intrigue the readers as they consider such articles to be unbiased. So yes, the negative phrases work better than the positive ones.


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Good: 5 Worst Mistakes In Writing A Letter

5.      Use Call to Action Words

By adding Call To Action (CTA) words in the title, leads the reader towards a targeted action. CTA tells the reader what is expected of them when they click on the article.


·         If you have an e-commerce website, you can use the words like “order,” “shop”, or “buy”

·         Those websites that provide certain information to the readers can add CTA like “find out how,” or “fill out this form.”

·         If you are promoting some newsletter, use the words “subscribe,” or “download.”

·         Any website that provides online services like assignment writing service can use the words “place an order now.”

6.      Use Superlatives

The use of superlative adjectives is quite common in the titles as they help to grab the attention of the reader.  Open any good article; its title will have a superlative adjective in it.

So the best formula to write a perfect headline is: superlative + number + noun + keyword +a promise


Bad: Techniques To Write A Headline

Good: The Top 5 Techniques Writers Can Use To Write Headlines Like A Pro


Every writer tries to have the best headline for his or her article, but not all of them are aware of using the right formula to get it. By reading this article, you can surely learn how to instantly grab the attention of the readers.

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