Different Types of Gun Holsters

There a multiple types of gun licenses, but every gun owner needs a holster if they intend to bring their weapon anywhere with them. For new gun owners, this choice might seem overwhelming. After all, not all holsters are what people used to see in wild West movies hanging from a cowboy’s hip. There are a number of options for holsters for new gun owners today, and knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each can help you to make an informed decision on which style best fits your needs and lifestyle.

Types of Holsters

The first type of gun holster is called a belly band, and this is used often by people who are licensed for concealed carry. The belly band goes around your waist and secures your firearm under your clothes, so you have easy access if you need it, but it’s completely concealed from others. Another popular concealed holster is an ankle holster. This is a holster that straps around your ankle and keeps your gun hidden by your pants. It’s a great way to hide your weapon but can make it difficult to reach the gun if you need it quickly. Perhaps the most popular option is the inside/outside waistband holsters, which allow you to put your gun on your waistband. This allows you to semi conceal it if needed, but also gives you quick access at any time. Shoulder holsters are popular among law enforcement because it provides easy access for a cross draw, but keeps the gun out of the way when sitting down such as in a squad car or at their desk. Finally, there are pocket holsters, which can be used to keep a gun in your pocket but be sure it remains safely contained. These are great if you need to take out your gun without removing it from the holster because the apparatus isn’t attached to a band or your clothes.

To determine which holster is best for you, try out a few different options. Think about if you need quick access, concealment, or specific placement. These factors can help you to choose a holster that will be convenient and comfortable.

Owning a gun is fun, but so is safety. Remember there are a variety of types of holsters and picking the best one for you is just as important as choosing your firearm, so take the time to consider the decision carefully.

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