The disadvantage of being Vinyl DJs

With the introduction of Digital DJ decks, the debate on digital DJing vs. Vinyl DJ is high. Everyone in the DJ industry has their views. While vinyl is fuller, rounder and has deeper bass, it’s a skill for DJ to do it. The major challenges in DJing with vinyl are listed below:

Heavy – 50 vinyl records weigh close to 75kg – which is huge

Carrying the vinyl especially on flights is the major challenge. Your collection of vinyl equipment on the transport is hectic even when you have plenty of options to make the process easier to transport and carry the records. But it could not be as easy as carrying a single USB to the venue.

Too many equipments

For a digital DJing, you may work with just the portable DJ Controller, Headphones, and a pair of Speakers, and the music collections stored in the USB or portable hard drive that conveniently fits inside your pocket. The vinyl DJ include a lot of equipment. You need two turntables, a mixer, speakers, headphones, stylus, and more, along with your record collection which is never easy to carry around.

Space issues

When you have much equipment to carry, it calls the need for space to store as well, which is a difficult task when you are travelling. It involves a lot of setting up and packing-which is a hectic task before and after the event.


Vinyl DJ needs a lot of equipment which are a lot more expensive than the digital DJ. When you can pick a less costly DJ controller for just a

few hundred dollars, you have to spend a lot more money on the vinyl equipment. A single collector’s 12’’ would cost the DJ around $20, which is close to 2-4 songs. With eh industry that is driven by exclusivity complications are high.


Vinyl records are fragile. One scratch on the record and it is damaged. Or if you put it under the sun for a couple of minutes and you will not be able to use it again. So much can go wrong while handling the records.

Much difficult to find music

Digital DJ has an endless option for finding the new music for creating a collection. Trying to find music in vinyl is a lot harder and you need to spend hours searching, listening and digging the crates to play it. It is time-consuming and could have used the time in perfecting your set instead!

Cue point setting             

You will not be able to set the cue points. The one way to cue the vinyl record is to turn it back to the spot you need and stop the platter. You do not have the option to save the cue points on the disc and cannot think of jumping between the cue points with just a touch of the button. Every time you need to set it manually. It needs a lot of patience and manual settings that consumes a lot of your preparation time.

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