A Guide to Hotels in Pondicherry

Pondicherry which also referred to as Puducherry was set–up by French colonial settlers that visited India in the early 1950s. However, the place is now referred to as a Union Territory town in India which is completely bounded by the south-eastern part of the state of Tamil Nadu. The small town is well famous to preserve the French taste in its French Quarter in the form of mustard color villages in the colonial area, the streets of the town are having three-lines, and they also preserved the chic boutiques in the town. The beautiful city is having one its side is touched to Bay of Bengal which increases its tourist value by a bar.

Due to its famous beach lines around the coastal area; it is quite popular among tourists between the time of October and March as the place is known to have the best temperature for visitors around the globe. Well, the place is the only town in the south-eastern part of India which is known to record a high number of visitors every year. Hence, the hotels in Pondicherry are quite famous for different sortsof services offered to customers. There are different types of hotels which are quite famous in Pondicherry:

  • Le Pondy Hotel: The hotel is quite famous for attracting newlywed couples as it’s quite known to have romantic vibes to it. The hotel is fully equipped with a swimming pool, diner area, a private beach for all their guests, and is known to offer complimentary breakfast during a stay. It is well famous for its 24-hour open reception and high-level security of guests staying in the hotel. Also, people staying in this hotel can avail accessibility to Palette Resorts which is one the key attraction.
  • Palais de Mahe: As the name of the hotel suggests; the hotel is quite French in its built and key features to maintain the heritage value of the place. The famous and beautiful French hotel is stylish and very business-friendly. As it provides its visitors with airy chic rooms having all the necessary services including bed, food, and a mini-bar. Adding to the list, the hotel also provides pool and rentals-bikes to their guests. The tourists are known to use these bikes to travel and visit nearby beaches and enjoy their stay.
  • Le Royal Park Puducherry: This is a premium hotel that offers magnificent city-view rooms which makes it different from other hotels. The basic services are well provided to the visitors which include free breakfast service, an outdoor pool area, and a nightclub for partying.
  • Ocean Spray: Well, this hotel is considered as one the best in its range as the hotel is heavenly beautiful in its overall built and provides the visitors a feeling of royalty during their stay. This hotel in Pondicherry is family-friendly and the main feature of this hotel is its grand lake-view rooms. People especially book this hotel for the beautiful room-view which this hotel provides. Other services like diners, a table tennis court, and a separate fitness center act as a cherry on the top for the hotel.
  • The Dune Eco Village and Spa Hotel: This hotel is famous for sleek contemporary rooms available to the visitors and is referred to as a scenic high-end resort by the customer reviews. The feature of outdoor pool, diner, and a family-friendly environment make the hotel famous among travelers.
  • Hotel Villa Krish: Well, the hotel is modern inbuilt. Key features of this hotel are a rooftop terrace and a bar which makes it quite famous for stay and some tourists like to explore this for dining services. The rooftop diner makes this hotel different from other hotels and people enjoy visiting it for that.

The other key feature of Hotels in Pondicherrywhich makes them highly popular among touristsis the availability of cheap alcohol. So, the place is consistent in having a large number of visitors every year. On the other hand, people also pay a visit to this beautiful place to explore its ancient temples, churches, the very alluring beaches, and at last the high-end French-style buildings which overall adds to its heritage value.

The magnificent place of Pondicherry and the Hotels in Pondicherry are quite known to have nightlife. It’s highly visited by tourists that love to enjoy the city life at nighttime. Also, the place is famous for high security at nighttime; so, the place has quite a night life one must pay a visit once in lifetime.

The hotels in Pondicherry have quite a range from which tourists can easily choose their stay at the place. They have all the types of rooms and hotels in the town depending on budget, food preferences, cultural values, and high-end services offered to travelers from which one can easily select. Moreover, the town is easily connected to the whole world by:

  • By road:The place is easy to a visit via road as its connectivity to nearby places is great. People from Bangalore and Hyderabad mostly pay visit to Pondicherry; they mostly travel to this place through road which makes the trip long and worth remembering.
  • By Train: The connectivity of this place by the train is appreciable as one can easily book a train to visit this place and usually some of the hotels are built nearby to ease the travelers.
  • By Flight: Well, this category is mostly chosen by travelers that visit this place from a distant area. Like the ones traveling from the northern side of the country; for them, the train travel would be very exhausting and hence, most of them prefer to travel via a flight. Moreover, international travelers opt to travel to Pondicherry via a flight. This option might be expensive than the other two options but is the most convenient one for distant travelers. Also, most of the hotels provide pickup service from the airport if the visitors pre-booked their stay.

Overall, the place is already quite famous among the travelers and mentioning all the key features that make Pondicherry special; everyone must visit this beautiful French-inspired coastal place ones in their life to explore the high-end French heritage and beautiful nightlife with alluring beaches.

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