Fireplace Mantel

Ideas on decorating Fireplace Mantel

The fireplace mantel is the major focal point of the room and presents an opportunity to attract the guest visiting home. With simple balance and proportion of the objects can be used to gorgeously decorate the fireplace. Keep reading to find some tips on how to arrive at a mantel decoration decision.

Shapes of the decors

Use the objects of various shapes and sizes. And create a layering of the items in front of each other. Begin with the taller items to be set on the back and layer the smaller items in the front to create the depth. Set the items in such a way that those in the foreground isn’t overlapping with ones in the back. For instance, hang a large circular or oval-shaped mirror or tall wall art on the wall. It will avoid cluttering of items on the mantel and use the valuable wall place for decoration.

Symmetrical arrangements

Symmetry can be created by arranging a large item in the middle and surround the smaller matching items on its sides. Try adding multiple objects, go for the odd numbers, such as three candlesticks instead of two or four to create interesting patterns. Proportionating with some lightweight items on one side with one large piece of décor on the other end is also a great idea.

Theming of objects

Instead of a random assortment of items, try to put the items that complement each other – colour, styling and theming are essential factors. It creates a connection with each other.

Avoid Overcrowding

Just too many items on your fireplace mantels such as the picture frames, vases, candles and small accessories is a cluttering idea and fill up space. Always remember – less is more. Never put too many objects on the mantel, instead allow some breathing room for every décor pieces.

But this does not mean barely put anything. Fireplace mantel is an opportunity to create a focal point of the room and draw the eye to the architecture of the fireplace and the mantel. Hence, choose some items intentionally to display on the fireplace mantel to draw the attention.

The functionality of the mantel

Beyond the look of the fireplace, mantels should be functional. Choose the mantels that keep the heat from damaging the wall, and can be used to hold you decors such as family pictures as the centrepiece of attraction to be proudly displayed for your guest to see.

Use the fireplace mantel for experimenting with your decoration quotient. When you feel something isn’t matching try replacing it until you feel pleased with yourself and tap your back. Keep moving things around and change the setting often to revive the look of the mantel. Also, check for the various options for mantels that suits your fireplace. For instance, the Oak fireplace mantels can make a bold statement and become the centrepiece of your room.

Mantel allows you to customise the look of the fireplace according to your style. Are you considering adding a fireplace mantel to your home? Check the Traditional beams for some unique traditional, rustic to modern and ornate mantels that suits your place. 

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