Vaping Stealthy – tips and tricks

Stealth vape is unfortunate, while it can also be considered as respecting those less accepting individuals around them. Though the vapers love to vape at peace, no matter where it is done, there could be some who are just uncomfortable around the vapers while they vape.

The key to stealth vaping is simple and is a way of vaping effectively without affecting the surrounding individuals. Keep reading to find some discrete method of vaping stealthy techniques that you would love to try

Never try to act weird

When a person tries to act in a weird way to hid the vaping, it causes the attention of the individuals around and makes them more suspicious. The tip is to hide in the plain sight for no one to suspect them. Be normal around the people and never try to go far out of the normal routine like getting into the bathroom every 15 minutes. It is best to wait for the moment and stealthy vape when you are sure that no one is watching instead of walking out too frequently or deliberately hide the process.

Get the stealth device

The market has a wide range of e-cigarette devices that are designed to offer the perfect vaping experience. For instance, the sub-ohm mods are made to provide extreme power, bigger clouds and are noisier than other devices, and hence draw the attention of others. These are not meant for the stealthy vapers.

The best technological advanced pod mod systems are designed for the stealthy vapers who want to hide their activities from others. There are a variety of cleverly designed e-cigarette devices that resemble the USB sticks, pens, smartphone, and even customised designed products in the market. For instance, the JUUL has a pod that resembles the USB stick that is popularly used among the youth.

Choose the right vape juice

This is an extremely important tip when stealth vaping, as the vaping leaves the aroma in the air based on the e-juice used for vaping. All the scents are not normal though most of the flavors leave a pleasant aroma in the air. Imagine using the higher percent nicotine flavoured e-juice that leaves a clue to the non-vapers to suspect you and so, you will not be able to enjoy the vape discreetly.

Menthol is a classic flavour for stealth vapers as the mint smell is what the non-vapers could smell that could be assumed as the candy or chewing gum.  Stealthy vapers can also try citrus or cream flavoured one, desserts flavours that help them enjoy vaping.

Cloud production

A   stealth vaper should be expert to disperse the cloud even before it makes into the air. Alternatively, use some kind of filter such as a paper towel to absorb the cloud before it rises into the air. The filter helps to minimize the amount of vape release into the air.

The last trick is to hold the vape longer before exhaling it. The longer you hold the vape inside, the less it will be released when you exhale. Try releasing lesser vape into the air slowly to be noticed by others around you! Vapourcore website offers a wide selection of e-cigs, e liquids, mods, tanks, and coils from well-known brands that can be bought online with next day delivery on most of our stocked items.

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