An ode to ladies winter coats

Let’s be honest, the coat is one of the most important fashion buying decisions of the cold season. A good rule to follow is to find one, that will keep you wishing for cold weather. A great coat can be your true fashion staple in cold weather, especially on the days you don’t feel like putting much energy into dressing up.

It’s true that finding THE ONE may sound like mission impossible, but with a little bit of guidance and worthy assortment of ladies winter coats, your search ban prove to be more fun than expected.

A super chiccoat: choose ladies black winter coat

Classy black coats have long been a key wardrobe staple for many women around the world reminding us how to dress to be the most badass versions of ourselves. Ladies black winter coat is the very best example of looking sinfully good on every occasionand braving the cold in style.

When looking for a ladies black winter coat, go for a well-tailored cut that fits your body well without too many embellishments. Think about the garment which could be your go-to to wear for thefancy dinner and a number one choice for a dressy occasion.

Werecommendchoosingthe.frazewomen’swoolcoatEVENING Black. Made from wool and cashmere with a classic lapel collar it’s a classy fashion statement during a cold winter. Two side pockets are here for your comfort too, and because of concealed front button closure they are easy to cinch close without fumbling for any zippers. 

A versatile coat for casual occasions:choose ladies brown winter coat

Every woman needs to have a coat versatile enough to transition easily from work to a date night. It gives more relaxed look and feel, and, of course, has practical advantages. If you are going to be sitting down while wearing it or regularly travelling by public transport, a versatile ladies brown winter coat will be both stylish and functional for your daily life.

When looking for a ladies brown winter coat, be open for some originality. Moderately tailored look will definitely be a safe option, but don’t hesitate to try an asymmetrical cut coat, it may surprise you.

We recommend choosing the.frazewomen’s wool coat COZY Camel. Soft wool coat with a hood Cozy radiates the autumn weekend vibes and is extremely comfortable. In addition, coat closes with a hidden zipper – perfect protection from the wind on those cozy walks.

Timeless and classy option – long winter coat for ladies

For taller women, a longer ladies winter coat can become the fashionable winter staple that also adds a little spice and allows to stand out in the crowd.

When looking for along winter coat for ladies, choose at least 3-quarter-length coat with slightly tailored waist, which would create a long and slim appearance and look equally stylish on every occasion.

We recommend choosing the.frazewomen’s wool coat DISTINCT. Oversized extra-long coat Distinct will cover you from neck to toe with warmth and style. High collar, large pockets, stand out cuffs will make you noticeable in the crowd.

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