In-Ground Swimming Pool

4 Factors to Consider When Installing an In-Ground Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Installation can be a tedious and time-consuming project. Having the professional support of a contractor always seems a reasonable idea. There are a few important factors that are required to keep in mind before planning your dream pool. 

1.     Building & Zoning Regulations

First things first, you need to know the building & zoning laws before breaking the ground. You can check on state procedures or consult the local regulatory authority. Don’t schedule a consultation with the contractor/architecture. As it is essential on your end to first understand the zoning ordinances for swimming pools. It would be appropriate here to mention that different states have levied different maintenance & liability laws. And, there is no exception when it comes to installing an in-ground pool. It is recommended to know zoning rules beforehand so that you can apply for a permit and get approval if needed.

Indoor Pool

2.     Types of In-Ground Pools

Next, it is quite imperative to decide on the type of in-ground pool you would want to install at your place. Typically, there are three types of in-ground pools: fiberglass, concrete, vinyl-lined. You can also find uncommon types like aluminum walled or steel pools.

The fiberglass pool is more like a giant bowl that is factory-molded. This pool is easy-to-set and easy-to-install. This type of pool is often recommended when there is a restricted site for the pool. Fiberglass pool has a super clean and gel coat finish that is both stain-resistant and long-lasting.

The concrete pool is normally custom-built. This means you can freely choose the size, shape, width, and depth of the pool, depending on your current needs and location/site. The concrete pool is coated with plaster, paint, and textured tiles to finish the look.

The vinyl pool comes with a flexible liner that can be feasibly fixed into the excavated hole. The vinyl pool has different styles to choose from like freeform liner, L-shaped, rectangular, etc. It takes 2-3 weeks to finish building and installing this pool.

3.     Quality Circulation System

Up next, think about the quality circulations system. Every in-ground pool needs a proper circulation system to keep the flow of clean & freshwater. If you desire a sparkling pool at your place, then it is best to consult an experienced pool builder and plumber. They can help you find a reliable & high-efficiency circulation system.

4.     Expected Cost for Pool Building

If you want to save yourself from breaking the budget owing to unhidden costs, then you are required to get an estimation of how much your in-ground pool installation will cost. Make sure the cost will depend on various factors like type of pool, soil conditions, size of pool, filtration system, and water circulation system. The final price will also be dependent on the contractor you pick.

Many contractors offer exclusive discounts, hence you must ask for recommendations or do price comparisons online. Remember that whirlpool spa, outdoor lighting, deck, patio screen sets, outdoor sound system, water test kit, storage cabinet, pool cover, etc. are the budget-busters. And they are not included in the actual cost of building and installing a pool.

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